Review of Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’

Neela Debnath

8 DW 7 300x169 Review of Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 8, series 6/32 of Doctor Who

‘Doctor Who’ returned with an episode that initially appeared to be a period romp in 1930s Berlin but unexpectedly turned out to be all about River song. The Fuhrer only featured briefly before being punched in the face, told to shut up, then shoved into a cupboard by Rory who is getting evermore self-assured as the series progresses.

The vague inklings that viewers had about River are now forming into firm facts, such as her being the impossible astronaut who will kill the Doctor. However, the revelation that Mels (Nina Toussaint-White) was Melody Pond was obvious to everyone but the characters. Toussaint-White was excellent as Mel, she was every bit as sassy and vivacious as her later incarnation. And it was shame that she regenerated so early on because she brought a different energy to the character.

It was also interesting the way that Mels’ timeline has been slotted into that of Rory and Amy’s so that she is growing up with them. Steven Moffat keeps changing Amy’s timeline with Rory being forgotten then coming back, Amy going from an orphan to getting her family back. It is as if Amy has lived several lives in one. It was funny when the Doctor makes the observation that Amy has named her daughter after her daughter – a wonderful little time travel paradox.

The question of going back in time and killing Hitler is always thrown up by time travel and it was interesting that it was mentioned in ‘Doctor Who’. Nevertheless, it would have been too dark an issue to explore because of the nature of the show, instead a more comical slant was taken on the Nazis. River even mentions that she is attending a ‘gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled’; it is all very much a mockery and a flippant disregard for the Third Reich which is how it should be.

On a side note there seems to be something amiss when the Doctor starts asking about The Silence. Does this mean The Silence did not fall in ‘Day of the Moon’? Are there now two Silences? Apparently, The Silence is not a species but a religious movement, and The Silence will fall when The Question has been asked. But no one knows what the question is yet it is hidden in plain sight. Just when some questions are answered another riddle is thrown into the mix for the second half of series.

Given the dark and depressing tone of ‘A Good Man Goes To War’, this episode lifted the mood and made things feel a lot lighter, possibly to create a balance. There were some great slapstick moments when River and the Doctor are trying to second-guess one another. River ends up pointing a banana in the Doctor’s face rather than a gun. Also, the Rory death count has begun and it is only a matter of time before it happens.

Although this was at the less heavy end of the spectrum, the trailer for next week’s episode shows that there will be more darkness to follow.

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  • harleymc

    Yet another episode where death means nothing. So no dramatic tension.
    So we’re left with schticky ‘comedy’ of River claiming to go to a gay bar-mitzvah and parading around in Nazi uniforms, how very cutting edge, how outre, how bloody tired!

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