Caught & Social: Cheryl all of a Twitter over Diaz

Untitled 189 103x300 Caught & Social: Cheryl all of a Twitter over DiazNational treasure, pride of the North-east, and darling of the tabloids, Cheryl Cole was trying out a new occupation yesterday, actress. Cole was pictured in Atlanta on the set of her new film What to Expect When You’re Expecting. In a big day for the actress, she also took to Twitter. As her account had over 175,000 followers before she had even written a word, expectation was high. Dedicating her first to her “soldiers”(singers love to create names for their fans), she then wished her new co-star Cameron Diaz many returns of the day. “Happy birthday Cameron, you sexy beeeyyaatchh…X” Essential following, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Scene & heard

Not a fan of Angelina Jolie? You’re not alone. Even she seems unconvinced by herself. “I’ll watch a movie and be asleep in five minutes,” Jolie tells Vanity Fair. “I’m terrible. There’s some of my own I’ve never seen.”Jolie also reveals some of Brad Pitt’s hobbies. “He sculpts and designs,”she says of her other half. “He makes furniture, sculpts things related to houses. Traditional male.” Grrr.

In other male news, P Diddy is to release a book. But this will be neither a novel nor an autobiography – it’s about about bottoms, specifically female ones. Diddy has teamed up with the photographer Raphael Mazzucco for what is set to be a coffee-table book. But given its subject matter, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, or indeed, coffee.

Untitled 224 300x184 Caught & Social: Cheryl all of a Twitter over DiazOn a hip-hop note, ex- Outlawz bandmates of the late rapper Tupac Shakur have revealed they smoked his ashes after he died. “I came up with that shit,”said EDI Mean. “If you listen to ‘Black Jesus’, he said, ‘last wishes… smoke my ashes’. That was a request that he had… We took it serious.”

M&S gets a glamour injection

Forget what you might think, M&S is not just for mums, school staples and Jeremy Paxman-types buying strong-gusseted underpants, oh no. They want you to know that it’s also for the young, the hip and the attractive. With that in mind, the store announced the two new “faces”of its Autograph collection – Hollywood actors, pin-ups and (they might have you believe) archetypal M&S shoppers, Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Presumably the pair will be sporting the store’s designs on the red carpet too.Untitled 317 208x300 Caught & Social: Cheryl all of a Twitter over Diaz

‘Sacrificing freedom’ in DC

Outside the White House yesterday, Daryl Hannah was becoming acquainted with the local law-enforcement community. The actress was arrested as she protested against the planned Keystone XL oil pipeline. Sitting on the pavement (or should that be sidewalk?) with fellow protesters, she refused three police orders to move and was subsequently taken into custody. “Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom,” Hannah told reporters beforehand. So we can assume the arrest didn’t come as a complete surprise, then.

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