New ‘Misfits’ short film to premiere online

Neela Debnath

MISFITS0 Vegas Baby1 235x300 New ‘Misfits’ short film to premiere online  Fans of E4’s Bafta-winning television show ‘Misfits’ are in for a bittersweet treat, ahead of the third series  the channel has unveiled a short film that will premiere online next week. Sadly, when the programme returns in October one member of the Asbo Five will not be coming back. Robert Sheehan who plays Nathan Young is leaving the show.

However, Nathan, will be getting a grand send-off with this special eight-minute film entitled ‘Vegas Baby!’ The short film has been made so that fans can bid farewell to Nathan and find out what life after the community centre holds for the cheeky Irish chap who accidentally slept with an eighty-something woman (it’s a long story).

The film sees Nathan, now armed with a new superpower, setting his sights on the bright lights of Las Vegas with a fail-safe plan to scam the casinos and win big. Unfortunately, Marnie and the baby are also taken along for the ride and his seemingly brilliant scheme goes wrong. Forced to go on the run and short of options, he then tries to call on an old friend for help…

With Nathan’s departure there is a new arrival in the form of Rudy (Joe Gilgun) but the question on everyone’s lips is: can anyone replace Nathan? Some of Gilgun’s credits include films ‘Harry Brown’ with Michael Caine and the critically-acclaimed ‘This is England’. But viewers will have to wait until October to see just what the new dynamic will be like.

For newcomers to the programme, ‘Misfits’ follows the lives of five teenagers from very different backgrounds. On their first day of community service a violent storm engulfs the town and the group is simultaneously struck by a flash of lightening that gives them each a superpower.

The first two series followed the trials and tribulations Nathan, Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon), Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarett), Alisha Bailey (Antonia Thomas) and Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha) as they try to adjust to life with these new powers.

When we last saw the gang, in last year’s Christmas special, they had sold their powers to a man who deals powers; his own ability is to give and take powers from others. It was only after tragedy struck that the group realized just how much they had grown to rely upon their powers and tried to get them back, only to discover that some of them were no longer available. The show ended in an electrifying scene where Kelly is the first of the five to get a brand new power from the dealer.

The premise of the show does not do it justice because this is not a typical, ‘Heroes’/ ‘X-Men’-type series. In fact it would be safe to that ‘Misfits’ sticks two fingers up at the superhero genre. While the likes of Peter Parker want to use their powers for good, these teenagers see their powers as a pain rather than a gift and saving the world is the least of their priorities.

‘Misfits’ has all the puerile wit of ‘The Inbetweeners’ and the sexiness of ‘Skins’, it is a comedy-drama with a science fiction twist that rips up the superhero rule book.

‘Vegas Baby!’ will premiere on on Thursday 15th September.

Image credit: Channel 4

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