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Dear Ernest

Scott Berg recounts the discovery of a literary treasure trove: a cache of Ernest Hemingway’s early correspondence, for decades kept hidden at the late novelist’s estate in Cuba. Vanity Fair is running a selection of letters on its website, including a number that the author wrote to his family, friends and wife.


Violent (ch)impulses

This has been the year of the riot. From the Middle East
to the middle of London, discontent has often flared
into violence on the streets. But what causes the mob to
attack property, government and other people?
Scientific American thinks the answer might lie in the
zoo, specifically the chimp enclosure.


Twitch perfect?

The Big Year stars Steve Martin, Jack Black and
Owen Wilson as three avid bird-watchers who compete
to spot the rarest birds in North America at a prestigious
annual event. The trailer looks so-so but this trio
of funny guys mean it’s probably worth a viewing.
Watch it here.


The fight for free will

Arewe ever really free? It’s a question that has
provoked philosophical debate down the ages. Now
neuroscientists have entered the fray with the claim
that free will is a chimera. The philosophers, however,
are having none of it. Nature explores the debate.


At the sharp end

There’s nothing like the bright, citrussy tang of lemon to
brighten up a grey day. Why not make summer last a
little longer by indulging in a luscious lemon dessert?
Here, Serious Eats rounds up 25 of the best, with
recipes included. The pictures alone are enough to
make your mouth water.


High-speed speech

Why do some languages sound so fast and others so
slow? Does English sound as fast to a native Urdu
speaker as Urdu does to us? These are just some of
the questions answered in this fascinating piece by
Jeffrey Kluger.


Design and disaster

Introducing another perspective on 9/11, The New York
Times has examined the careers of those designers who
were showing at New York Fashion Week when the twin
towers were struck. Some have achieved success,
others not – but they were all affected in some small

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