Review of Torchwood ‘The Blood Line’

Neela Debnath

Gwen final 300x186 Review of Torchwood ‘The Blood Line’SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 10, series 4 of ‘Torchwood’

With twists and turns right up until the last minute, ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ was rounded off in supreme style. ‘The Blood Line’ mirrored the first episode of this series with continuous, edge-of-the-seat action.

The most exciting development though, was Rex’s immortality. There were tiny, vague inklings that this might happen when he received a transfusion of Jack’s blood, however, when there was no further development, this possibility disappeared. Leaving the twist of Rex’s immortality until the very end was an act of genius by the writers because his resurrection was a complete shock to the unsuspecting audience. Also, the fact that Rex has been suffering with a fatal injury throughout meant that he was expected to die once the Miracle was reversed. Therefore, his return from the dead was even more of a surprise.

Unfortunately, Esther departed company when she was killed by a member of one of the families. It was sad because her character went through so much, becoming stronger and less scared. There would have been room for more growth in subsequent series but there is usually always the death of one Torchwood team member.

On the flipside, Danes’ death was expected and yet he had become somewhat likeable in an odd way. Luckily, his last few lines reiterated just how despicable he was. He was heard saying that bad girls go to hell and that his victim, Suzie Cabena, should start running because he was coming to get her. The phrases were horrible and it felt like it was the right time for him to go.

The other surprising thing about ‘The Blood Line’ was the hopeful tone. Compared to previous series finales, which have been bleak and desolate, the conclusion to series 4 seemed to suggest that the team will keep fighting to protect the earth.

Along with a more positive end, there was the feeling that things were not over just yet. The Miracle was only a “trial run” for phase 2, whatever this might be. Torchwood might have buried The Blessing but they have not stopped the power-hungry families who desire to shape humanity as they see fit. There is more yet to come.

One reason why ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ closed on more of a high note could be because there is more certainty as to the fate of the show. Before series 4 there was always the impression that the writers were never sure if there would be another series. Due to the joint funding between Starz, BBC Wales and BBC Worldwide, there is a sense that the show has some sort of future. Detractors of the new ‘Torchwood’ must remember that without collaborative funding from the American cable network, Starz, there would be no show at all.

Another factor that suggests the show has a future is the viewing figures. According to data from the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board, the first episode of ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ had 6.59 million viewers in the UK alone, making it the eighth most-watched programme for that week. The numbers also show that it has more or less remained consistently in the top 20 of the most-watched programmes in Britain on a weekly basis since it returned in July.

Going forward Rex will be a great character to have as a regular because he is constantly challenging Jack’s authority with his CIA credentials. There will be space for a new character to replace Esther. Rhys and Anwen could now make a permanent move to the US to be with Gwen. If some Welsh flavour is to be retained then PC Andy Davidson (Tom Price) should have more of a role in any future series.

The Transatlantic nature of the show gives an all-encompassing feel and is a unique selling point which should be kept if possible. The future of ‘Torchwood’ looks bright. Let’s hope there will be more to come next year.

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  • wayne_in_spain

    I loved Torchwood when it was set in Cardiff ,a unique flavour. what I dont like about this collaboration with the US, Is they skip over the welsh bits apart from several scenes and concentrate on the stupid American Ideas..The CIA do not operate in the US and a british police man would not give a automatic gun the anyone let alone a brash yank who flashes a non existant badge.Also the sex scenes ! not necessary to be so graphic…The makers have sold out to yankee dollars.They should have left it where it was with good memories

  • Dwayne

    Oh gawd is all I can say. First off its a TV show about time travel, aliens, rifts in Cardiff, and nobody that dies on Earth and you point out that the CIA has a base of operations in the US. Pick your battles. You also complain about the sex scenes…..just stop, you and every other homophobe in the world need to stop. Its 2011, two men making out and having sex is pretty much as normal as a straight couple. You complain about the sex scenes but yet its ok for people to get burned alive, shot in the head, and scenes that show Jack getting killed over and over again while blood pours out of him. The show was great, it Americanized the show and gave it an actual budget unlike Season 1 and 2 that was working with $20 apparently. People need to approach this as a new Season 1 and let it re-establish itself and see how it does from here on out

  • SemolinaPilchard

    I for one was disappointed  that Rex wound up immortal. I found him an annoying one- dimensional character, and now were stuck with him for at least the beginning of the next series. I wonder what happens if Mekhi decides he doesn’t want to do another series. They cant just write off an immortal CIA agent. I’m also hoping the 3 families go away and are never brought up again. They were nothing more that a generic unseen bad guy that we’ve seen 100 times.

  • crake101

    ”…because his resurrection was a complete shock to the unsuspecting audience”

  • wayne_in_spain

    Dwayne all I said was that now this show has been Americanisd its changed the flavour If it had been made in Cardiff it would have had 6 episodes not 10 and basically it was one dimensional ganster characters and as all the yanks suffered from verbal diarhia made it overly long. They can make brilliant TV like NCIS that also has plenty of blood and gore but does not lose itself in pandering to the mores of the actors ,If they could not get anymore funding they should have left it die.

  • Alan Cleaver

    There was just so much wrong with this series. Not least that no one could die – but they did because the scriptwriters realised the baddies had to be shot or put out of action at various points. Then there were so many plot lines that just fizzled out (did the writers get bored or realise they weren’t working so dropped them?): Oswald Danes’ religious movement, the soulless, the Dead is Dead movement, the ’suicide’ movement jumping off buildings, the device that allowed Angelo to die, the pursuit of the fiction author that would lead to the family. And so it goes on. The next series is going to need some better writing and a lot more than Gwen, Jack and Co running around and shouting all the time.

  • wayne_in_spain

    Further to the comments I made earlier you must be a Yank or americanised I surmised this from the way you spelt “gawd” and the $20 ,Alan Cleaver also passed comment on the lost storylines. as for the Gay story I am not against sex of any description on the box, just not so much of it it detracts from the story.In the last series of NCIS De Nozzo
    Had a love story going that detracted from the story, but as I was able to record these shows I could fast forward back to the story, Not all american tv is crap there are 1or 2 that are ok

  • Matt Tysoe

    If I get out Sony Vegas and edit out all the pointless scenes so we have 5 episodes instead of 10 I could make Torchwood miracle day into something pretty decent.

  • Sam Foulder-Hughes

    I loved it! I am British but I loved the American feel this series, but I think it should have been Rex that died and not Esther. Esther was amazing and I loved her relationship with Gwen in the scenes that they had together, I thought it was almost like Gwen was Esther’s big sister.

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