Leaving little to the imagination

John Rentoul

rihanna 300x290 Leaving little to the imaginationOne of the joys of compiling the Banned List, soon coming to a bookshop or Kindle near you, is that there are so many species of specialist baloney.

The book has gone to press, but as an organic forward offer we continue to collect new nominations, for what is now called The Banned List Supplement.

Suzanne Moore offers these from the peculiar dialect of Dailymailese:

“Enviable curves”; “leaves little to the imagination” and “flaunt”.

Oh. There goes Rihanna (right, from the Mail yesterday): she “leaves little to the imagination”. Leaving little to the imagination is, come to think of it, quite a good description of what the Daily Mail does: namely, prompt its readers on how to respond to its stories.

Pete Blanchard nominates two phrases still common in this supposedly Peeceegawnmad time:

“Confined to a wheelchair” and “wheelchair bound”.

Simone Webb notes the return of an old bugbear from the Thatcher period:

“Fascist”, to mean someone who holds an opinion with which one strongly disagrees.

Roger McCarthy notes that, although ”feral” is already on the Banned List (except when it describes formerly domesticated pets or livestock), he has spotted several recent instances of “feral overclass” and “feral rich”. As so often, the source of the trouble turns out to be Peter Oborne, who used the “feral rich” in his WhyohwhyisitallTonyBlairsfault parody the other day. (Talking of which, will you be able to stay awake for this?)

Finally, this floated through my consciousness during the Liberal Democrat conference:

“Every dot and comma.”

On the Supplement it goes.

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  • Western Independent

    Life may not be worth living until you resolve the ‘existential’ problem – is it in the book, or still in the Secret Supplement? 

  • Jake_K

    And who in the name of Allah, Buddha and Christ is ever going to spend any money on it?  

    The author has form as lo! – writing BOTH the 14th and 33rd most popular Blair biographies on Amazon – no doubt this will be as riveting a read for the porcelain throne….

  • SickyLeaks

    Bloody cushy working for the Indie these days. Did you compose this magnum opus on your iPhone on the tube this morning?

    How about a piece of Indie language for the list? Turns out ‘fallen below those standards’ means ‘has been proven to be a compulsive liar, fantasist, and sociopathic slanderer, but still qualifies to be a journalist at the Independent’.

  • Lubi166

    Actually, that’s a rather nice photo

  • TarquinBroxted

    1. Rhianna constipated shocker.
    2. Rhianna romantically linked to Invisible man shocker.
    3. Rhianna “Blair was right” shocker. 

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