“Tough Choices, Easy Answers”

John Rentoul

emmarr 300x209 Tough Choices, Easy AnswersEd Miliband, with whom Michael Meacher feels “happier and more relaxed … than I have with previous Labour leaders” (Politics Show), on the Andrew Marr show this morning:

We face big choices and tough choices in this country, Andrew, and a
tough choice that we face is this. Now I think there’s an easy answer
to it, but do we cut taxes for financial services, do we carry on with
a fast buck economy, or do we change course?

A friend writes to say that “Tough Choices, Easy Answers” would be a terrific election slogan.

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  • LancashreLad

    Tough choice; do we allow Dr Kelly’s death to be properly investigated?

    Easy answer; no!

  • mightymark

    If we did, and it didnt confirm your vieiws you wouldn’t believe it anyway - would you.

  • david

    Yesterday I found a copy of ‘Peace, Jobs, Freedom: Labour’s call to the people’ which was published at about this stage of the 1979-83 Parliament – while Jim Callaghan was still Leader. The Labour Party was committing itself to mass nationalisation, controls on international capital movements, a 35-hour working week and possible exit from the EEC, while a large number of members on the moderate wing were already moving towards the exit door.

    Whatever may be said about Labour policy now, it’s not the same approach as 1979-83.

  • TarquinBroxted

    The tough choice is whether ZaNuLabour has the cojones to stand up and fight against the Tories diluting the Protection of freedom bill, brought in to stop the Orwellian use of CCTV/spy cameras “The Stop Crime” (No They Do Not!), 2 million innocent on the (illegal) DNA Database and 90 day jail without trial (Only For Dark People). Oh those are labour ideas brought in when Miliband was a Blairite, then a Brownite. Do you think Miliband is up to leading Labour into an election? Or winning one? John? Mr Rentoul? Oh dear he has gone. Has Joan Smith banned comments or just moi?

  • Guest

    ‘Ed Miliband, with whom Michael Meacher feels “happier and more relaxed … than I have with previous Labour leaders”’

    Why is that, I wonder? Does Mr Meacher regard Mr Miliband as a political kindred spirit? I doubt whether Mr Miliband would have amassed a property portfolio of up to 12 homes, three for his own personal use, after writing: “Housing is not, or should not be, a status symbol, an object of conspicuous consumption, or a source of market power or wealth…

    “Too many people have second homes or too large homes for their needs, while too many others are homeless or overcrowded or even lacking basic facilities.”

    Or perhaps, following Mr Miliband’s example of starting with a blank sheet of paper, Mr Meacher has divested himself of his property empire and is now slumming it in a humble semi or terrraced house, like the vast majority of the the people he represents?

  • coventrian

    Whats 2+2?


    That’s an easy answer, it’s also correct.

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