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‘Here’s to alchohol’

If F Scott Fitzgerald hadn’t died, weakened by drink and fast living, in 1940, the chronicler of the Roaring Twenties in America would have been 115 years old last Saturday. To celebrate, Flavorpill have created a handy “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s guide to life”. Included among the quotes is his famous take on booze: “Here’s to alcohol, the rose coloured glasses of life.”


What goes around

So we all know the earth is spinning on its axis, but unless you’ve been blasted into space, it’s pretty hard matching the scientific theory to the lived experience. Astronomer José Francisco Salgado’s two time-lapse videos of the sky over the Alma observatory in Chile attempt to remedy that. Prepare to be dazzled (and made dizzy).


It takes two, baby

If you were in any doubt as to Lady Gaga’s singing abilities, check out her new collaboration with Tony Bennett, a cover of “The Lady is a Tramp”. Away fromthe high production world of pop, she sounds as soulful as any classic crooner. Though still sports wild-blue mermaid hair. Listen to her in action here:


A life in puppetry

Being Elmo is a new, multi-award-winning documentary about the puppeteer who created Elmo. From his dream to work with the Muppets to his success on Sesame Street (judging by the trailer), it will be an emotional rollercoaster to remember. Check it out here:


A mug of the black stuff

We all know one: an insufferable coffee snob who is as obsessive about his espresso as he is demanding of his americano . If not, we’ve encountered one, standing behind the counter of a chi-chi coffee shop. This sketch, from Funny or Die, parodies the Cult of Coffee with remarkable accuracy.


To post or not to post

In this podcast for Slate magazine, as part of its continuing series entitled ‘Manners for the digital age’, two of it writers discuss whether or not you are obligated to read the entire comment thread before chiming in with your own opinion in case it has already been discussed.


The golden age of air travel

PanAm, a drama about the early days of air travel, is about to hit our television screens so it seems like a good time to take a look back at these images of glamorous stewardesses and well-turned out travellers. They are certainly a lot more alluring than any snaps aboard EasyJet’s latest flight from Luton.

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