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Pump up the pumpkins

Competitive vegetable growing is a staple of both English and American country fairs and growers in Ohio Valley in Pennsylvania are preparing a very seasonal crop right now. They’ve been labouring for several years to produce the largest “Atlantic Giant Pumpkin” ever grown. They expect their current crop to weigh about a ton per pumpkin.


Dissolving a Nobel mystery

You’re in 1940s Copenhagen. Nazi stormtroopers are marching in the streets outside your window and you have two gold Nobel Prize medals that belong to two eminent Jewish scientist friends in your possession. What do you do? Find out what Danish physicist Niels Bohr did 60 years ago at


Stormin’ Norman

A troubled high-school boy pretending to be dying of cancer confronts problems with his new girlfriend and terminally ill father (played by Richard Jenkins) as he struggles with his daily existence. Here’s the trailer for Norman, a coming-of-age indie drama, which has been getting rave reviews on the festival circuit.


Kate’s spring/summer debut

Kate Moss made her first spring/summer 2012 catwalk appearance on the final day of Paris Fashion Week for Louis Vuitton. Moss and the other models each got their own horse on a 48-strong white carousel and wore beautiful, dreamy dresses made of feathers, tulle and Broderie Anglais. Watch it here:


The male food gap

Men, according to a new piece of research, eat more when they are around women than when they are around other men. A lot more: roughly 200 calories – about a doughnut’s worth – per meal. But why? This study in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology makes for fascinating reading.


Another brutal Killing

If you’re waiting with baited breath for the second series of Danish crime thriller The Killing, this will only serve to whet your appetite further. A brief clip posted on the BBC website reveals the opening of a new case in which a woman is brutally stabbed to death.


I love you, man

Man friends, best buds, bromance: whatever you call it, male friendship entered a whole new phase even before the release of films like I Love You, Man. Now men are very much unafraid to show their feelings and express affection for one another. Salon’s Tracy Clark-Flory looks at the trend.

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