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Mayo made easy

Think homemade mayonnaise has to be a matter of slaving over a bowl with a whisk, pouring oil drop by drop on to an egg yolk? Think again. In this Serious Eats video, J. Kenji López-Alt demonstrates a foolproof way of cutting down the hard labour. The secret  ingredient? A hand blender.


A generous donation

For months, married couple Beth and Nicole had been looking for help to conceive. Sperm banks proved too expensive, so in the summer of 2010 they began looking online. That was how they discovered the weird – but also wonderful – world of the free sperm donor.


Write of passage

Paramount has unveiled the first trailer for Jason Reitman’s Young Adult.Written by Juno scribe Diablo Cody, it stars Charlize Theron as a novelist who has failed to grow up properly. She attends her high-school reunion hell-bent on getting back with her former boyfriend. Who’s now happily married.


On repeat

American Horror Story debuted on US TV last week. Created by Ryan Murphy, whose previous hits include Popular, Nip/Tuck and Glee, New York’s Vulture blog noticed that the new show shares some tropes with his others creations such as strange redheads, bisexuality and paternity confusion.


Exit strategies

We’ve all been trapped in a conversation with someone at a party that we were desperate to escape from (unless you’re the person everyone tries to escape), but it can be hard to end it without looking rude. Jezebel is on hand with some top tips to plan an exit strategy for any unwanted chat.


Save our stuff

Your house is burning down and you can carry only an armful of your possessions. Would you pick up your favourite pens and wallet like Brett Rogowski? Or your vintage military jacket like Sean Crowley? The Burning House Project asks users to photograph the items they couldn’t live without.


Robot wars

We all like to think we are irreplaceable when it comes to our work. Well, according to this infographic lots of us could, in fact, be replaced with a robot with no noticeable drop in productivity. Coming to a high street near you: a robot pharmacist.

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