Is this finally proof the Yeti exists?

John Rentoul

yeti2 300x204 Is this finally proof the Yeti exists? Another abominable Question to Which the Answer is No, asked by, Yes, Them Again.

Number 724. Thanks to Gaz Weetman.

Number 725, meanwhile, is asked by the New York Times:

Will the E-Book Kill the Footnote?

Thanks to Matt Hoffman.

And number 726 was asked by The Observer:

Is time up for Doctor Who?

Which, after a triumphant end to the series, in which Matt Smith continues to rival and sometimes outshine Christopher Eccleston, the best Doctor, and in which Stephen Moffat managed to bring the story to satisfying conclusion without as many of the mockable plot devices resorted to by Russell T Davies, is impertinence.

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  • nicholas.ashley1

    Tennant was the best. Smith is very good mind you.

  • TarquinBroxted

    Again with the blanket refusal to believe anything outside of narrow confines. “The New Apocrypha” stated that if Yeti (singular? plural?) existed we’d have found them by now. Maybe, perhaps not. From far off Kemerovo to Westminster and Alan Johnson, (4PM? Never). His statement in the House regarding the Protection of Freedom Bill was the most asinine I have ever heard. Mr Rentoul, you are an expert on ZaNuLabour so answer me this. Why are the damned B£airites so antithetical to human rights & civil liberty? I am sure you will agree with me that James Brokenshire’s riposte (even for someone comme moi-meme who is anti-Tory) at least enshrined an Ideal that the state should not be a de facto police one. 

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