Review of The Fades Episode 5

Neela Debnath

Sarah 3 300x196 Review of The Fades Episode 5SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 5, series 1 of ‘The Fades’

The end is nigh. John’s plan to end the world seems to be working. The resurrected Fades, Reborns, are multiplying and have become indistinguishable from mortals.

In an ingenious act of cunning, John managed to trap Paul and his friends by using their school as a “crisis centre”, where people go to find out more information about their missing loved-ones. The high school setting made the episode feel like the penultimate act of a film where the school kids are attempting to defeat the evil villain. There was an element of suspense as Paul and his friends crept around the school trying to find John and save Jay. At one point they had to barricade themselves inside the library to escape from Anna’s homicidal Reborn boyfriend, Steve (Chris Mason).

This week the audience also saw Sarah (Natalie Dormer) transform into a Reborn. It was interesting to watch the former Angelic battling against her newfound bestial urges to feed on human flesh. Sarah’s subplot analyses the lengths a person will go to in order to be reunited with their loved ones, it is essentially the darker side of ‘Ghost’. It will be interesting to see if she eventually decides to help John so that she can remain a Reborn and stay with her husband.

There was a delicious twist in this episode when Paul discovered that his psychiatrist Dr. Tremlett (Francis Magee) was in fact a Reborn. Dr. Tremlett delivered a droll diatribe that many a psychiatrist or psychologist would sympathise with. Yet the best twist was saved for last when Neil kidnapped Mac in a bid to coerce Paul into helping him. Johnny Harris’ has given a terrific performance as Neil throughout the series. His character has progressed from mentor to villain – he is the antihero of the show. There is no doubt as to where Neil’s loyalties lie but the methods he has employed to fight the apocalypse are questionable. He is unlike the stereotypical teacher figure such as Giles from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. There is a coldness and a single-minded determination to succeed regardless of the cost. While Neil has chosen to kill, Paul has decided to try and find another way to stop Armageddon and re-start ascension.

The teaser for the finale looks rammed with action but hopefully it will not mirror the first episode which moved at a sickeningly fast pace and lacked coherence. The other question to ask is whether all the loose ends will be tied up neatly? There is far too much going on and it seems unlikely that everything will be resolved within 60 minutes. If anything, the battle between John and Paul has only just begun. Perhaps, writer Jack Thorne is aware of this and will leave the show on a startling cliff-hanger that will leave the door open for a second series.

The Fades is on BBC 3 on Wednesdays.

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  • bogwart

    Awful series. I stopped watching after the first three episodes and breathed a sigh of relief. It’s an interesting premise, but with poor dialogue and pacing, and characters with whom it is impossible to empathise, the premise is all you’re left with. It’s not enough.

  • Knowles2

    Brilliant serious, that have gotten better as it went on. 

    I actually felt different to the author of this article, I feel Fades to coming to a conclusion with most of its stories lines, so much so I am finding it difficult to see what they will do for season 2, obviously there a greater force out there the one that bought paul alive, so perhaps there is more story to be told. I hope we get a season 2 but episode 6 will need to create a good hook for season two and widen the story a little. 

    An I love all the character so far. The psychologist speech was brilliant. 

  • Gary Weightman

    This series has improved with every episode. I hope we get a second series as I feel there are plenty of avenues for it to go down

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