Talking World Cup Rugby: Referee Craig Joubert promises to treat finalists as men

Peter Bills
joubert. 300x225 Talking World Cup Rugby: Referee Craig Joubert promises to treat finalists as men

33-year-old Craig Joubert will handle the final at Eden Park

This nation is gripped by the throat in the build-up to Sunday’s Rugby World Cup final.

From rugby crazy men and boys to girls in shops and grandmothers around the country, everyone has just one question on their lips. ‘Can they do it’?

‘They’ is the All Blacks and ‘doing it’ means winning the World Cup final against France at Eden Park on Sunday night NZ time. The nation’s nerves seem shredded already so what on earth they’ll be like come 9 o’clock Sunday evening when the final kicks off, heavens knows.

New Zealand hasn’t won this trophy since 1987 and it’s like the whole country needs a fix to get well. It really is amazing. You see cars driving around the streets festooned in All Blacks flags and the shops are full of posters and jerseys, with signs saying ‘Come on the All Blacks’.

For us media guys working out here, it means a never ending series of articles to write. Apart perhaps from the man who installed the drainage and/or sewage systems at Eden Park, I doubt there isn’t anyone even remotely associated with the venue or the two teams who has not yet been interviewed about the final, asked to give his views.

Yesterday, dodging the huge showers which soaked Auckland virtually all day, I went into the city to interview the South African referee Craig Joubert who will handle the final. What a guy he turned out to be.

Joubert is only 33 but he’s been refereeing since he was 16. He is a hugely impressive guy in a massively understated way. There is no self promotion about this guy, he doesn’t struggle to get his head through the doors. He told me he won’t be lecturing the players because he believes in treating them like men, not children.

‘No-one likes being treated like a child, myself included’ he told me, quietly and calmly. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be a pushover, an easy touch for the players. He will insist on laying down boundaries within which they can operate. But he says he won’t allow them to play outside those parameters.

Sometimes in this business, you meet people and you just think, this guy is a credit to his chosen field. Craig Joubert struck me as precisely that yesterday. It was great to chat with him and hear some honest, open views put forward. He’s very much the future face of top class rugby refereeing.

Thank goodness too that dreadful weather of yesterday had passed over by this morning. I went for a walk up the beach near where I’m staying, just to enjoy a brief interlude, seeing the sun, the water and the approaches to the open sea out to the west. The beach at Takapuna looks out to Rangitoto island, a iconic image for Aucklanders.

It was great therapy before settling down to another day’s work writing articles. With just three days left of the World Cup (I will have been here just over 7 weeks when I fly out next Tuesday) this is a good place to be in more ways than one.

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  • GVA bob

    If bills rates him… Must be awful.
    Crappy world cup badly reffed by bad refs. Only one decent team turned up. Hopefully they will win. Other than that, a non-event. But still bills got a seven wek paid holiday.

  • RugbyfanTillDeath

    Funny GVA bob, but seriously Craig Joubert is a great referee. I have admired Joubert & another South African ref Mark Lawrence for a long time at Super 14/15 level too, as they are always up with the play & let the game flow well by policing the breakdown well without being pedantic. Too bad that Lawrence could not attend on merit due to Kaplan having seniority.

  • GVA bob

    fair play he’s not at all bad. Unlike so many. I hope he has a great game. By that i mean we hardly notice him. This competition desperately needs a great game. So far the worst of them all ( yes I’m that old) even worse than the shambles that was ‘87. People have short memories, the only good thing about the whole 87 tournament was buck shelford chinning the lippy welshman who sucker punched his mate. The rest was a parade, as the professional all blacks beat all the amateurs. ( the saffers were still too busy being nazis at the time)

  • Paul Wortley

    Terrible referee. Always one-sided. Watch him watch the players – only ever watching one team for infringements. Gives the All Blacks lots of warnings but hardly ever penalizes them. Oblivious to his team coming in from the side of rucks.

  • Ricky Brand

    He was so pro-NZ it bordered on corrupt! France played all the rugby, NZ played on the ground.

  • Ronelle Arnaud

    Bad referee, completely biased and he made it so obvious too!! He is obviously blind, he should step down or get a guide dog!! Sad that rugby has become all about politics, with a Kiwi being the head of the IRB and all, just saying!

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