The Banned List: Up and Down the Country

John Rentoul

tbl 186x300 The Banned List: Up and Down the CountryUp early to promote The Banned List book on Monocle 24, an internet audio service – that is, a radio station not on the radio – which is well worth listening to, even when I am not on it. I’ll put up a link to my bit this morning when it is available. Then I took part in another discussion about why Tony Blair has a mixed reputation in Britain and a fairly high one elsewhere.

Tyler Brûlé, editor in chief of Monocle magazine, from which the radio – sorry, audio service – is a spin-off, had a pretty good rant on Monocle 24 yesterday, which started off as a complaint about business jargon:

It’s become well documented that I’m no fan of ‘reaching out’, ‘circling back’ or ‘running point’. What’s wrong with simply ‘getting in touch’? Or arranging another meeting? Or just getting on with it and taking charge? Another term that’s over-stayed its welcome is incubators.

Then my little entertainment about recent political cliches was on BBC Radio 4 The World At One. I did enjoy the audio montage they put together of Ed Miliband saying “up and down the country” several times.

Meanwhile, the Committee is still sitting in extended session to consider further nominations for a Supplementary List for the next edition. Add your suggestions in the comments, or on Twitter, marked #bannedlist.

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  • JohnJustice

    Pray tell us who bothers to read your esteemed columns, Mr RealJournalist. Otherwise we must assume that your gripes are simply a case of sour grapes.

  • porkfright

    “Advertorial”-I really like that!

  • porkfright

    I am considering leaving off work on my mighty musical tome and writing a book entitled “The Baned List”. It will be a discussion of politicians who have been the bane of humanity’s lives, 1870 to the present.

  • ARealJournalist

    Rentokill has picked up on my comment about Harry Mount.  He has started to copy Mount’s technique of logging on to his own forums under a false name and rubbishing people who criticise him.

    Notice the monika: “JohnJustice” (“Justice for John”, perhaps?) which was created ex nihilo just after I left my comment about Mr Mount. I shouldn’t have given him the idea…

    Perhaps the editor should pay a bit more attention.

  • ARealJournalist

    JohnJustice (a.k.a. John Rentokill) continues to abuse his position at the Independent to promote his own tripe, much like somebody who runs an eBay shop from his office cubicle. But his logging on to his own forum under a false name is a new low. See my comments below to find out how I worked out “JohnJustice”’s true identity.

    I have contacted various people at the Independent to alert them to the abuses he is carrying out against his employer.

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