Review of Misfits – Series 3, Episode 2

Neela Debnath

Curtis 300x225 Review of Misfits – Series 3, Episode 2SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 2, series 3 of ‘Misfits’

After taking a back seat for such a long time, Curtis was finally brought to the forefront this week along with his alter ego.

The last time Curtis was really in the spotlight was in series 1 where there was a whole episode dedicated to his ability to turn back time. He repeatedly went back to the past and attempted to return to his former life but he eventually realised that he could never do this.

Despite being lumbered with his new ability to transform into a girl, a superpower that is far from the A-list of superpowers, it seemed to benefit Curtis and gave him a fresh perspective on life. He might not have chosen the power but it became very personal and helped to develop his character. For so long he was the moody ex-athlete who was consumed with regret and a yearning for his old life, but by the end of the episode he had gained a sense of closure and was ready to move on.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett has always given a good performance as Curtis but the fact that his character has been stuck in a rut of remorse means that he has been very limited. Hopefully, now that Curtis has left the past behind, viewers will see a new side to Stewart-Jarrett’s acting. Kehinde Fadipe who played Melissa, the female version of Curtis was equally as strong as her male counterpart and inhabited the character completely. The role was played seamlessly by the two actors, whether it was Stewart-Jarrett or Fadipe who was on screen, it was Curtis who was always present. Interestingly, all three of the male misfits have alter egos, Curtis transforms into Melissa, Simon is Superhoodie and Rudy literally splits into two versions of himself.

Series 3 has been about moving the characters forward and it was refreshing to see Curtis appear so vulnerable in his female form. He was groped by Shaun (Craig Parkinson) the lecherous probation worker and nearly raped by athletics coach Mark (Jay Taylor), all of which made this week feel incredibly sinister. The attempted rape scenes were very unsettling and at times made viewing difficult. Although it is not the strongest episode of the series, it was more about character development rather than just entertainment. If nothing else, the episode served as a strong endorsement for women to be wary of date rape and drink spiking.

From the trailer, the pace will be picked up next week as the Superhoodie/Simon subplot progresses. Just how will Simon save the others and Alisha? The best is yet to come.

On a side note, for those who still feel that there is a Robert Sheehan-sized hole in ‘Misfits’ should be aware that he chose to leave the show. For fans seeking some more Sheehan action, he is currently starring in ‘The Playboy of the Western World’ at the Old Vic in London, alongside fellow ex-‘Misfits’ actress Ruth Negga who played Curtis’ girlfriend Nikki.

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  • Knowles2

    I enjoy this episode. I thought the pace was about right. An it was an interesting story for an unusual power to see in a show about super powers. I like the originality of the episode. 

    It was nice to see a power explored in some depth (we have not had that on Misfit for sometime, probably since Curtis episode about trying to change his past). 
    The two actors played the part brilliantly, an who ever the casting director is. he/she deserves a bonus. 

    Not every episode needs to be action pack. 

    If I say anything spoiled this episode it was Rudy and some of the jokes, they were not needed. This was a serious episode tackling some pretty serious issues and I thought the jokes distracted from that. 

    Still not as good as Fades but improving. 

    Next episode look like an action pack episode.

  • gyac

    “If nothing else, the episode served as a strong endorsement for women to be wary of date rape and drink spiking.”

    Were we watching the same episode? From the punishment for the rapey coach to Curtis’s speech at the end and what he said to Rudy, I thought the message was very obviously “men, don’t drug women, or attempt to have sex with them while unconscious. Since that’s, y’know, rape.” Unbelievably backward attitude you have there.

  • Neela Debnath

    I completely agree with the message: ”men, don’t drug
    women, or attempt to have sex with them while unconscious.” 

    My point is that I felt that this episode effectively raised awareness of date rape and drink spiking, and reminded people to be wary when on a night out. I felt
    that the scenes in the club and the attempted rape scenes were raising
    awareness of date rape and drink spiking – they were similar to adverts
    urging people not to take unlicensed minicabs.

  • gyac

    Sorry, no, you don’t agree at all. You wouldn’t have said the onus was on the victim to look after herself, and not the rapist to rape. 

  • Susan Kruse

    Is this series written by the same person? I loved series 1 and 2 – funny, tight, sharp writing and great acting. Series three so far is obvious, badly plotted, unintelligent drivel. My heart is broken. Misfits is dead,

  • Joanna DaCosta

    I feel like we watched a different episode. I thought it was very good and well written. Curtis is a character on the show and nobody seems to like him and that’s because he hasn’t changed a bit since series 1. It’s about time they moved his story forward and they have to be careful not to turn Misfits into the Simon and Alisha show so making viewers wait until Ep 3 to get caught up on their drama is a good thing.

    IMO, this wasn’t an episode about date rape or anything like that. This was an episode about perception. Curtis got a different perspective about himself and was able to move forward because of it.

  • RWNK

    double post

  • RWNK

    double post

  • RWNK

    Sheesh give it a rest! What do you want her to say? You have no right to
     determine whether she agreed with your statement or not. Take it or
    leave it but to outright say “no, you don’t agree at all,” or to call her
    ideas “backwards” is rude and unwarranted. I don’t appreciate how your
    comment makes her appear as if she’s some sort of rape apologist, when
    that’s clearly not the case at all. I saw nothing wrong with her opinion or yours too, not everything is black & white…

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