A Flying Saucer for your front room

Jake Hanrahan

levitating ufo 4 300x270 A Flying Saucer for your front roomThe self-titled “physicist” and tin foil hat enthusiast Bob Lazar has claimed many outlandish things in his time – most famously his involvement in a secret military base called S-4, where he claims to have reverse engineered extra-terrestrial aircraft for the US government. He released a number of dubious blueprints along with many other intriguing claims about alien technology. Lazar was laughed out of the science community for his stories and has had his credentials dragged through the dirt. But despite the obvious plot holes, a few inventors have taken the blueprint for Bob’s notorious “Sports Model Saucer” and recreated it on a smaller scale that’ll fit nicely into your front room.

The all chrome 14oz flying saucer hovers silently in the air above a base that uses electromagnetic static levitation. At five inches in diameter, the UFO is not only a novel invention, but also the perfect accessory for any alien enthusiast’s mantelpiece – mine included.

The key inventor behind this technology is an electronic engineer by the name of Janick Simeray. He invented the base using his patented levitation technology, to boost and hold the UFO model in the air, creating the hovering effect that many flying saucer sightings report. The levitation device – glamorously known as the Levitron – uses an amalgamation of magnetic static and electricity to propel objects into the air from the plinth, and Janick says he is certain that he’s “the only person on earth who is able to make powerful levitation devices that can hold up to 10 pounds”. Something Bob Lazar would beg to differ, no doubt.

The lightweight saucer has a built-in ferric magnet that repels itself from an electromagnet at the base, and the exterior is an exact copy of what Lazar claims to have engineered, but at a much smaller scale of course. It is however, a lot more complicated than simply using two repelling magnets with a mysterious blueprint. The Levitron entertains Earnshaw’s theorem to levitate, using a “gyroscopic spin-stabilised method” according to one of the inventors.

Whilst Simeray and his team of scientists are proving their small but notable advancements in maglev technology, Lazar still speaks of incredible flying discs that flit around sporadically through means of an advance propulsion system, something he claims to have worked on for 12 months in the desolate plains of the Nevada desert. Whether you believe his rambling’s or not, some of the designs he apparently snuck out of Area 51’s most secure wing have definitely gone to good use, as is proved with the domestic UFO invention.

The only flying saucer that we can be sure Bob Lazar has actually seen in action though, is this new prototype. Upon inspection he said “the solid aluminium disc is beautiful – certainly the nicest metal model I’ve seen. The levitation system with the disc and blue LED’s, I must say, is quite impressive. If it’s something that can be manufactured, I’m sure there would be many people fascinated by the subject that would like to buy one”. Dollar signs could soon be flashing past his spectacles, as the inventors behind the disc plan to release a limited edition 11lb model in the near future. The new larger craft will include engraved black portholes around the rim and a correct outer contour modelled down to .001 of an inch of the original CAD blueprints.

Modern day technological advances are often met with scepticism amongst the more eccentric of conspiracy theorists, who feel we’ve had help from the lights in the sky via alien intel and salvaged extra-terrestrial spaceships. After the supposed crash at the legendary Roswell, some go as far as to claim that secret government scientists reverse engineered equipment recovered at the site to create everyday technology that we now take for granted. These include LED lights, fibre optics, microprocessors and Kevlar, all of which many believe came from a land far, far away.

So whether you believe in the classic alien Greys, sewer dwelling Reptilians, gigantic Anunnaki or little E.T’s in the front of bicycle baskets, this new gadget is one UFO that everyone can afford to believe in.

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  • TarquinBroxted

    I was writing about Area 51 and J-Rod elsewhere, hope you are not nicking my stuff dear boy!

  • Jake Hanrahan

    I stole the ideas from your mind using MK Ultra techniques… Only joking, definitely haven’t stolen this idea, you won’t find it reported anywhere else. It’s more about the nifty invention than Area51 though.

  • TarquinBroxted

    Milton Keynes. I always knew it was a hive of alien activity;)

  • Jake Hanrahan

    I’m just down the road from there actually.

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