Review of Misfits – Series 3, Episode 7

Neela Debnath

MISFITS Epp 7 9 300x199 Review of Misfits – Series 3, Episode 7SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 7, series 3 of ‘Misfits’

Seth discovered that the course of true love never did run smoothly when he unwittingly unleashed the zombie apocalypse upon Wertham by resurrecting his dead girlfriend.

As predicted there much more bloodshed this week when the gang had to dispatch a whole squad of undead cheerleaders who were lusting after living flesh. This was another classic episode of ‘Misfits’ with the juxtaposition of violence with comedy.

The best bit was when the group was attempting to take out Mr. Miggles, the crazed killer cat that Curtis had brought back to life before he realised the nasty side effects of his new power. There was much hilarity because none of them had the heart to slay the infected creature and each kept trying to pass the buck on. The group was tooled up with hammers and other implements apart from Rudy who had an ice cream. Something worth noting is the fact that ice cream has been featured in several of the episodes in this series, is it a nod to Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s ‘The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy’? The ice cream in this episode may also have been a reference to Wright and Pegg’s Romzomcom ‘Shaun of the Dead’, the first part of the ‘Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy’, the name by which the film series is also known.

The other side-splitting moment was the unexpected arrival and swift disposal of the new probation worker. It was possibly the shortest tenure of any individual who has been charged with the rehabilitation of the Asbo Five and it is fair to say that whoever her successor may be, they have unequivocally signed their death warrant. A rule to bear in mind in the ‘Misfits’ universe is that probation workers ‘don’t count’ when killing is concerned. There may be a new probation worker next week but can they match Shaun’s sarcasm and apathy?

This was a fun zombie misadventure that showed the dangers of resurrection and reinforced the notion that you can never go back. There was a balance between the humour and the horror of this episode, one minute the viewer would be jumping in fright and the next they would be laughing. Rudy’s fear of cheerleaders due to a traumatic childhood experience was the source of much mirth because it was so ridiculous. Generally, as a group they are now a lot more harmonised. They look out for each other despite their differences because they are fused together by their collective experiences.

One question left unanswered was what happened to the power of time travel? Shannon ate Seth’s lizard which he was using to the store the power, does this mean that she consumed the power and will there be some more grave digging later on to retrieve it? Or did the power die with Shannon?

Next week the characters will be suffering a serious case of déjà vu when people from the spirit world start to revisit the living – apparently they have a message for Simon. Given the high body count, it was eventually going to catch up with them at some stage or other. There will also be some recognisable faces, including a certain group of murdered probation workers and Rachel (Jessica Brown Findlay) the deceased leader of the ‘Virtue’ cult from series 1.

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  • Ben Homes

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to have picked up on the Iguana/Time Travel thing, I assume the power is just gone…oops

  • Naomi Dominique Mc Blake

    Watched this at 1am.
    Freaked myself out now.

  • Swaran Singh

    If the power can be swapped so freely like the powers are like a separate non-corporeal entity then its possible that they cannot be destroyed. Either , with her death means it is still stuck inside her or it has escaped from her and attached its self onto someone new ? 

  • Richard Flynn

    LOL!  Just a true zombie movie!

  • Richard Flynn

    Every time we’ve seen a person with a power killed, the power has died with them.

  • Stephen Hall

    At first I assumed that the Iguana would have Nathan’s old immortality power and would come back to life… or rather I thought they were going to do it but hoped they wouldn’t. But I got the impression that the power was just sort of forgotten about… they’d had their anticipated Hitler episode and didn’t feel any need to care if the power stayed around or not

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