Dutch Cup game abandoned after goalkeeper kicks fan

Majid Mohamed

AZ 300x225 Dutch Cup game abandoned after goalkeeper kicks fanThe KNVB Beker (Dutch Cup) fourth round game between Ajax and AZ was abandoned last night after AZ goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado was sent-off for kicking a fan who had attempted to attack him.

The Costa Rican goalkeeper reacted to the assault from the Ajax fan by kicking the pitch invader to the ground. Referee Bas Nijhuis sent-off Esteban for violent conduct, prompting a furious reaction from the AZ players.

AZ coach Gertjan Verbeek responded to the furore on the pitch by calling his players to leave for the dressing room for their own safety, forcing referee Nijhuis to abandon the game.

Ajax were leading 1-0 at the time with just 37 minutes of the first-half played.

Esteban had his red card rescinded by the Dutch FA (KNVB). The Dutch players’ union had demanded that the red card be withdrawn.

AZ technical director Earnest Stewart justified the actions of Verbeek: “The players do not feel safe anymore.”

Ajax’s financial director Jeroen Slop apologised on behalf of the club.

“This was a terrible incident and we deeply regret it and offer our sincere apologies.

“The supporter has been handed over to the police.

“It was a 19-year-old man who was probably under the influence of alcohol. He said he hated the AZ goalkeeper and had therefore attacked him.”

Slop also confirmed that the fan has received a lifetime ban from attending Ajax games.

KNVB (Dutch FA) director Bert van Oostveen expects a decision soon on the outcome of the game.

AZ confirmed that after the match goalkeeper Esteban reported his attacker to the police for attempted assault. AZ today filed the necessary reports to the Dutch FA and will now wait for the decisions to be made regarding Esteban’s red card and the continuation of the match.

Police are holding the unidentified fan on assault charges.

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  • forber

    I abhor football and violence but this man was clearly defending himself from a racist thug who could have had a knife – he kept him on the ground by kicking him until someone else arrived to control the invader. As my husband pointed out the police usually carry on and the next one gets stuck in too.

  • Dinsdale_Piranha

    Oh Martin – so wrong .
    Read the excellent post above yours -  by intp1 – says it all.
    But just to correct a false impression you have tried to create .

    The steward finished his pie – and his bovril – before chasing after the bloke. The clue here is “chasing after the bloke” – which means he had already failed to do a simple job of keeping one brainless, drunken, nerk off the pitch.

    The goalie kicked him three times - all of 4 seconds – and the last kick landed as the steward arrives. The film clearly shows him arriving after the last kicked found its target. The goalie stopped when he arrived – so your implication that the steward had this covered is totally wrong.

    Who is going to stand with his back to thousands of opposition fans – if the only defence you have is to get sent off  – or take a beating ?

  • Clare Cosgrove

    I don’t think any of us know how we would react in this situation. Too many people are screaming he should have been more professional.It’s a ridiculous statement,he was probably frightened for his life…if this thug had managed to get up before help had arrived who knows what he might have done, Esteban Alvarado had no way of knowing whether this man/thug was carrying a weapon or what his intent was. It was a potentially seriously dangerous situation and unbelievable that so many are reacting in a negative way to his reaction. 

  • MancunianPsycho

    Where did race come into this?

  • cw0

    Keeper is obviously in shock and may be dealing with the thought of being the victim of a knife attack! He actually pulls out of landing them which suggests they were more for show. Refs a fool…

  • panchopuskas

    The message is clear: you attack me and you’ll pay for it.

    I’d do the same and this is totally the best reaction and the only language these thugs understand.

  • Ani

    Brian Clough….. Eric Cantona……

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