Is this life on Venus?

John Rentoul

scorpion 300x253 Is this life on Venus?Number 753 in the most famous blog theme in the solar system, of Questions to Which the Answer is No, is asked by Daily Mail Online today.

Thanks to Seth Jacobson, who saw it first.

Number 752 was asked by Larry Elliott in the Guardian:

David Cameron, the new Edward Heath?

Meanwhile my colleague Matt Chorley found a 19-year-old QTWTAIN the other day:

Can John Major’s government succeed?

That is really going to mess up my numbering system.

Finally, an update on number erm …

Will Saif give us the truth about Blair, Mandy and friends?

This was asked by the Mail Online in November. The answer is obviously No because we already know the truth about Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and the Gaddafi regime. Congratulations to the Mail, which “has a healthy scepticism of conspiracy theories”, on its prompt and prominent correction to an untrue story, a mere two months afterwards and well hidden on its website.

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  • porkfright

    “A health scepticism of conspiracy theories”. I didn’t know this was about NHS reforms.

  • nightside242

    What annoys me about this series of questions is that most questions never even get an explanation of why they are wrong. The last time I checked, Rentoul was not an expert in astronomy, extraterrestrial biology or cosmology. Without a background in any of these things, I’m disinclined to believe any protestations he may make on the presence, or lack of, life on other planets.

  • everytimereferee

    The answer is no because there is no chance of ambiguity and no explanation needed. Some questions can legitimately asked even if the answer, after discussion turns out to be no. Other questions are asked with the answer, a clear NO, already known. These are the questions this column attempts to hi-light.

  • Gogzilla

    Saif is causing squeaky bum time as groups such as “Reflex response” and “Executive Outcomes” are under public scrutiny.

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