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Stinkahbell 300x199 Stinkahbell: We just stink it upSouth London duo, Stinkahbell, sprang into 2011 with a wealth of bass-heavy mashups that warranted their rotten name. I caught up with them in their home studio, The Bakery, to discuss the hype around ‘Something In Your Eyes’, forms of esoteric entertainment and their latest single which comes accompanied by some 3D visuals.

Those slippers are great by the way.

I broke a toenail today, now I don’t have five toes and I’m some kind of mutant [laughs].

How are you guys?

Janset: We’re good. Obviously the festive season, so I’m not really a festive person but I just want January to come and it will be nice to get back into it.

Nutty P: It’s been a hectic last quarter; we’ve been doing a lot with 1Xtra and quite a few gigs and remixes. So we’ve just been winding down over the last couple of weeks before it picks up again really.

What did you guys have on the table for Christmas?

Janset: I had a whole heap of madness. It was like Christmas food, mixed with normal food and it was nuts. But it was nice, I just had bere wine. Red lips all round.

So for those that don’t yet know, can you introduce yourselves?

We’re Stinkahbell. We just stink it up. We make electronic bass music. Usually at 140 but it does differ depending on how we feel and the time of day. We make what we like to make and that just usually consists of bass and crazy sounds and melodies.

So how did you guys meet up?

Nutty P: Deal Real on Carnaby Street, 2003 or 2004.

Janset: Yeah, that’s when he gave me his first CD and I was like ‘this guy’s going in like this?’ At the time, I was doing grime and he was doing hip-hop so we bucked up via my brother and then a couple of years later we started doing studio together and that was it really. Ever since then, and was six or seven years ago, we’ve just been in this room bussing jokes and making beats.

Nutty P: It just fell into place in a natural way and Stinkahbell was written on the walls somewhere here in the Bakery and someone I was working with was like ‘that would be a good name for your dubstep group’. Then it just happened like that. At first, I thought it was kinda stupid and even now we get people saying ‘that’s a stupid name’.  It’s original though.

Janset: I think the name’s silly, but we like to make things silly but then very emotional. With the Stinkahbell thing, they don’t know how to take it so that they’ll remember it.

We have to talk about this room as well, because the Bakery is obviously very important to you guys.

Janset: There’s a lot of energy in this room from a lot of people and I guess that’s what makes it the most special. As for the writing, it only makes it more special to the eye because you can actually see all the energy that has been here.

Nutty P: I’ve had a lot of people from just around the UK music scene in this room. A lot of people you know and a lot of people that you don’t. You’ve got obvious ones like Wretch 32, Baby Blue, Low Key and loads more. It’s one of those  ones where I’ve been making music for a long time, by myself as well, so I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of these people. It’s kept building up and you’ve got to imagine as well that for each thing that’s been written on the wall, there’s been a different session. So everything that has been written down , there’s a story behind it or a tune behind it. I’m gonna paint over it soon though. It’s been like this for three or four years now and I can’t have people writing on the ceiling as well. Pulling out ladders and all that. I just want a change.

In terms of the production, within the duo how usually handles what?

Janset: Usually, I deal more with the melodies and the intro, but it’s not something that we really structure. It’s just that what usually comes to my mind always ends up being the bridge-type section or an intro. But he’ll usually handle the modulation of the bass and stuff like that. He actually deals with the buttons and we both process ideas back and forth, but if two people do try and sit at a computer it would be nuts. Just too many things going on so it’s just about allowing each other to bounce and hear each other’s ideas and that’s what we’re good at doing.

Nutty P: It’s a proper natural thing. Sometimes we will set out and be like ‘I’ll do the drums and you can do the b-line’, but it never happens like that. It’s more just like whatever we think works at the time.

Janset: It’s like whatever he hears, I can hear the rest of it. When I know he’s going to press something, it’s already like I know where this is going. I guess it depends on your personality as well because some people couldn’t work as a duo I don’t think.

Why was ‘Something In Your Eyes’ your first official release’ because you had loads of tunes before that like ‘F*** Nick Griffin’ and others?

Janset: Yeah, that was the first tune we put on the Internet back in 2009. We made it when Question Time was on and we were just bugging out about how Griffin was just chatting rubbish. It’s almost like though, up to this stage where people are hearing about us now, we’ve just been building and we’ve never been in a rush to blow or whatever. It’s just a journey and you have to keep on going with it. We still listen to our old school tunes and think ‘this is sick’, but at the time the hype wasn’t right. ‘Something In Your Eyes’ was just something that caught people’s attention.

Nutty P: It was one of them ones where I sent it to a couple of people and they were hitting back and saying that how good it was. I think it’s just because it has that crossover appeal with the vocal and an easy, R&B-like melody. It’s also got the grimy bassline, everybody loves a grimy bassline.

Nutty, I’ve read that you’re into your comics when you’re not in the studio?

Nutty P: Yeah man, I love my comics. When it comes to cartoons, I love the obvious ones like Family Guy and all of that, but I just got back into comics again recently and I’ve been reading Deadpool again. It’s sick! It’s too much and whenever I’ve got time, I’m there on my computer just battering out that comic. But not only that, we’re into all sorts and we read a lot of books. We read a lot of spiritual books. It’s better than OK magazine. We just fill ourselves with esoteric entertainment rather than the rubbish that’s out there. You have to remember that everything that’s out there comes from a biased perspective, whether it’s news or whatever. People generally don’t take things with a pinch of salt they genuinely believe it as gospel.

What names that people might not have heard of should people look out for?

Nutty P: & Janset::  Kendrick Lamar, Bonobo, The Weeknd, D Double E, Nirvana, Buju Banton.

Some varied names there. But I guess to wrap it up, what have you guys got coming to look forward to?

Nutty P: To be honest, we’re trying to do visuals. We’ve also got a lot of remixes coming out and the video for ‘Switch Up The Gears’. We’ve just got loads of ideas for visual things and trying to bring the music to another dimension because people like to see stuff. Obviously the album will be taking up a lot of energy too and we’re just working on that at the moment. So yeah, hopefully just more of that and more shows, especially in places we haven’t been to. Trying to reach out to as many places as possible.

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Check out the 3D version of Stinkahbell’s ‘Switch Up The Gears’ just above as well as couple of unheard stinkers from the pair available via the new Touching Bass Soundcloud page. ‘Switch Up The Gears’ can be pre-ordered from iTunes here.

Stinkahbell by Touching Bass

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