Did Hitler father a lovechild?

John Rentoul

hitler 300x211 Did Hitler father a lovechild?A big thank-you to the Daily Mail sub-editors for converting a Daily Telegraph story, which resolutely avoided asking a Question to Which the Answer is No, into Number 757 in the world-famous series.

The Mail was kind enough to supply additional evidence in the form of photographs (right) that show conclusively that Hitler and M Loret had similar moustaches. When you consider that the Telegraph had already revealed that their handwriting looked similar, the case is a slam dunk.

The Mail’s environmentally friendly journalism comes with a subsidiary question, copied out of the New Statesman this time, number 757a:

Did Hitler Also Have a British Lovechild?

Meanwhile, the BBC is also trying to get in on the act, but unfortunately its sub-editors have been careful not to phrase its sensational story about Lord Lucan having been smuggled to Africa in the form of a question.

Michael Ezra, who drew my attention to number 757, also points out number 758, asked by the Financial Times:

Can Marx Save Capitalism?

And finally, David Herdson at Political Betting asks number 759:

Could Boris be back in the Commons by Christmas?

Which includes the golden line: “Six events would need to take place.”

Keep up the good work, all of you.

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  • Chris Edwards

    There´s quite a lot of doubt whether Hitler had ever had full sex with a woman in his entire life!During WW1 quite a few of his comrades were convinced he was a queer and apparently even caught him cuddling another soldier.He often chose young girls who were 20 or 30 years younger than himself and even his housekeepers in the so called `Eagle´s Nest´near Bertchesgarden in Bavaria never found any evidence that he was actually conducting a sexual relationship with Eva Braun.
     I spoke to two women about 30 years ago who were dancers in Berlin in the 1940´s and they both said that Hitler´s breath was almost unbearable and that it was impossible to talk to him for more than a few minutes, let alone share his bed!

  • TheOnlyWayIsNorfolk

    We have been here before. Hitler was not “the Daddy” and even if he were a quick DNA test would prove (or disprove) it. Would anyone actually wish to claim to be related to Adolf? Now John how about some real journalism, form the following into a sentence. Spelman. Steroids. Jonathan. Scandal. One law for the rich.

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