Calling Mehdi Hasan

John Rentoul

doorbell Calling Mehdi HasanMehdi Hasan is doing that irritating thing of ringing the doorbell and running away, by accusing me of ringing his doorbell (pictured) and running away.

To recap, he started a fight in the empty room known as Twitter by saying, which had nothing to do with anything, that perhaps I should put “wiped off the map” on my Banned List. I said that putting things on the Banned List was not the same as pretending that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never said them, knowing that he would go off into the old debate about the translation of the Iranian president’s 2005 words about Israel.

Anyway, he later posted a comment on the Staggers blog, in which he accused Newsnight of not mentioning Israel’s nuclear weapons in a debate about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. I then posted a short comment here, disagreeing with the moral equivalence between Israeli and Iranian governments that he implied, to which he replied at some length.

I replied to his reply by updating my last post on the subject, but he obviously has not seen it, so I reproduce it here:

Hasan has replied to these 200 words with 1,850 of his own, pursuing the argument backwards by asking “Does Ahmadinejad really want to ‘wipe Israel off the map’?” when I had already accepted, for the sake of clarity (and brevity) of debate, that what the Iranian president wants is for Israeli regime to “vanish from the page of time”. Perhaps Hasan will reply to that point — why the warmongering IAEA should allow such a government to develop nuclear weapons — later.

By the time he has replied to my reply to his reply to my reply to his provocations, the world might have decided it has better things to do.

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  • takeoman

    Evening Ricardo, guess you got banned yet again, hence yet another new name.

  • rawpin

    Israel is already at war with IsraelFreudian slip?

  • JohnTheBean

    Since the West can’t stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons you might as well accept it. Correction: there is one sure-fire, effective way of doing it: bomb them with nuclear weapons.

  • JohnJustice

    Muslims already destroy fellow Muslims and what greater martyrdom can there be than dying for the destruction of Israel. They’re already doing this on a smaller scale.

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