Could your puppy be related to Blake Lively’s?

John Rentoul

article 2114923 122B1E32000005DC 144 224x639 105x300 Could your puppy be related to Blake Livelys?Number 769 in John Prescott’s favourite internet series, of Questions to Which the Answer is No, was asked by the automatic QTWTAIN generator at the Daily Mail. With, as Max Dunbar pointed out, a wonderful subsidiary question implied: Who is Blake Lively?

The Mail illustrates the story with a picture (right) of a model holding a soft toy.

Number 770 is asked by Kevin Drum at Mother Jones:

Is Barack Obama a Murderous Sociopath?

Thanks to Liam Murray.

More later.

Photograph: PPNY/GPSY/Splash News

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  • TheOnlyWayIsNorfolk

    Of course one could find out if said pup were related using DNA testing. QTWTAIY Britain has the world’s largest DNA database with over 2 million innocent folks on it. Another great ZaNuLabour idea! From the folks who brought you No Right To Silence and Abolition Of Jury Trials!!

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