Bayern Munich out to restore broken pride with two finals in a week

Kit Holden
Bastian Schweinsteiger 300x225 Bayern Munich out to restore broken pride with two finals in a week

Bayern Munich's Bastian Schweinsteiger

“When you’re eight points ahead at the top of the league and fail to win the title, it’s obviously disappointing. It shouldn’t happen to FC Bayern München.”

Bastian Schweinsteiger’s words, it is all too easy to note, would ring equally true if he were a Manchester United player. Perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson can find some solace in the knowledge that his is not the only dominant domestic power to have shot itself in the foot this season.

Unlike United, though, Schweinsteiger and Bayern have a chance at redemption. Two, in fact. A second consecutive title for Borussia Dortmund may have temporarily turned the Weißbier sour in Munich, but with two major Cup Finals in the space of a week, Jupp Heynckes’ side are ready to start celebrating again.

Tomorrow evening will present them with their first opportunity to do so, with the DFB Pokal Final against none other than their recent bogey team Borussia Dortmund. Far from being a warm up game for the Chelsea game, this Final in Berlin is as significant a game as Bayern have played this year. A chance to reassert themselves domestically against a Dortmund side who have made a habit of embarrassing them in recent years.

“We’ve lost to them four times in a row, so we’ve definitely got a bit of fire in our bellies,” said Thomas Müller this week, “we want them to know that it’s not going to last for the next five years.”

His captain, Phillipp Lahm, echoed the sentiment with a similar appeal to Bayern’s unassailable sense of superiority: “We want to show them what the current situation is in German football, and walk away with another title to our name.”

Dortmund have not only beaten Bayern four times in succession, they have also gone 28 games unbeaten – including 25 victories – and denied Bayern the title for two consecutive years for the first time since the mid 90s. The verbal jabs of Müller and Lahm, though, are undoubtedly meant as a stark reminder as to which of these two clubs is “Rekordmeister”, and why. On Saturday, BVB will be looking to win the first domestic double in their club’s history. Bayern have won five in the last ten years.

It is this phenomenal record, and the expectations attached to it, which have sparked the fire in the bellies of Müller and his team mates. Dortmund have demonstrated somewhat emphatically in the last two years that the age of Bavarian complacency, if it ever existed, is coming to an end. The famed Bavarian determination, however, is showing no signs of dying. ”

There is, of course, no doubt as to which of these two finals Bayern fans would rather lose if they were forced to choose between the two. Even domestic pride assumes secondary importance compared to the opportunity to become European Champions on home turf. But as Schweinsteiger points out: “It’s always a good feeling to go into the next game on the back of a win.”

There is some concern in Germany that Bayern do not become guilty of underestimating Chelsea ahead of this month’s Champions League Final. Those in West London should be equally wary of making the same mistake. After nearly two years without getting their hands on a trophy, Bayern’s notoriously swollen pride has been gravely wounded. Now they are out to restore it.

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  • Ray

    Chelsea no doubt are the underdogs but I just have a feeling they will win this even though Bayern are playing at home.

    If they do it will be interesting to see if you are around to pass on your congratulations to them.

    No wonder they call Bayern, the German United.

    Oh by the way, well done to Boruussia Dortmund, for once again proving themselves to be the best team in Germany!

  • empiresrevenge

    But there is a prayer room for Muslim players and employees at the Bridge! Why would they need a mosque in Munich?

  • obidoug

    the match is being played in Munich

  • 2blue

    Those in West London should be equally weary of making the same mistake??? You need to get out and watch a bit more football mate! I do not think anybody in West London will be underestimating Bayern – they are without doubt the favourites and Chelsea have been struggling all season even with a full squad. 

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