Brighton Fringe: Three saws, one night

Press Image The Revolution Will be Sexual Cabaret 300x292 Brighton Fringe: Three saws, one night

Eastend Cabaret’s The Revolution Will be Sexual

No, this is not a new Youtube phenomenon but a Wednesday evening at Brighton Fringe.

Imagine this, you’re sat in a small studio room, filled with people and a half-man-half-woman begins playing the saw before breaking in to a rap, whilst he/she’s co-star is sitting on the knee of an elderly, unsuspecting audience member singing about tantric sex. Such was the scene at Eastend Cabaret’s The Revolution Will Be Sexual, which also featured a rendition of TLC’s No Scrubs, a song about Danger-wank’s and even one about camel toe. All of which was great, even at 6pm, midweek – catch them in London in May, June and July.

You’d think that one saw player (is that the right terminology?) in an evening was enough, but no! This is Brighton Fringe, after all. Upon entering The Blind Tiger for an evening of poetry, I was greeted with a badge of a skateboarding pug and sat on some retro aeroplane seats.

This was Fashion Tips for the Last Days, the launch of Chris Parkinson’s second book of poetry. Chris unleashed his words of politics, swans and dead clowns upon us, before being joined by saw players (yes, plural!) to accompany his verse. One was even dressed up as a tiger.

You can catch Chris later on during Brighton Fringe as he compères the Verse & Versus Poetry Slam at the Hendrick’s Library of Delightfully Peculiar Writings on 21 May.

As we now step in to the weekend, a couple of suggestions for you. I finally went to The Hurly Burly last night to hear banned songs from the ‘20s and ‘30s performed by International cabaret artiste Forget-Me-Not (who, surprisingly mentioned the saw playing of Marlene Dietrich).

The Hurly Burly is a great venue with real ale, and a true ‘festival’ feel – get down there when you can!

Also, of course, a quick nod to Fringe City, taking place today on New Road. It’s full of free performances, plus you can pick up your free copy of i!

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