Poll: Labour gain as Tories suffer from euro crisis

John Rentoul

ed miliband david cameron uk 300x225 Poll: Labour gain as Tories suffer from euro crisisLabour’s lead is up to nine points in a ComRes opinion poll for The Independent on Sunday, shared with the Sunday Mirror, tomorrow.

* Ed Miliband’s personal rating is better than David Cameron’s for the first time in a ComRes poll.

* Cameron-Osborne are equal with Miliband-Balls in being “trusted to take the right decisions on the economy”.

* 26% of Tory voters are “seriously considering” voting for the UK Independence Party.

* And 61% of those expressing a view say they would vote to leave the EU in a referendum.

Conservatives       32 % (-2)

Labour                 41 % (+2)

Lib Dem               11 % (+1)

UKIP                      7 % (-2)

Green                     3 % (+1)

Others                    6 %  (0)

(Change since last ComRes online poll, for The Independent, 28 April.)

The poll found that 13% of voters (mostly Labour and Lib Dem) would “seriously consider” voting for the Green Party and 13% (mainly Conservative voters) for UKIP:

Which, if any, of these parties would you seriously consider voting for at a General Election if it were held tomorrow? Please indicate all that apply

Would vote Poll: Labour gain as Tories suffer from euro crisis

(The figures in the table exclude those already intending to vote for that party.)











Leadership ratings

David Cameron is turning out to be a good Prime Minister

Agree 26% (-3)

Disagree 54% (+4)

Net agree -28 (-7)

(Change since last Independent on Sunday/S Mirror/ComRes poll, 22 April.)

Support has slipped among Conservative voters, from 75% agreeing last month to 67% now.

Ed Miliband is turning out to be a good leader of the Labour Party

Agree 26% (+8)

Disagree 45% (-4)

Net agree -19 (+12 )

Nick Clegg is turning out to be a good leader of the Liberal Democrats

Agree 20% (-2)

Disagree 56% (+4)

Net agree -36 (-6)

Trust on the economy

I trust David Cameron and George Osborne to make the right decisions about the economy

Agree 26% (+1)

Disagree 55% (+1)

Net agree -29 (0)

I trust Ed Miliband and Ed Balls to make the right decisions about the economy

Agree 22% (+3)

Disagree 51% (-1)

Net agree -29 (+4)

“Out of touch”?

This Government is out of touch with ordinary voters

Agree 67% (-5)

Disagree 22% (+5)

Net agree +45 (-10 )


Leaving the European Union would be bad for the British economy in terms of lost jobs and trade

Agree 36%

Disagree 40%

Of Conservative voters, 37% agree, compared with 43% of Labour voters and 56% of Liberal Democrat voters.

If a referendum were held on Britain’s membership of the EU, I would vote for Britain to leave the EU

Agree 46%

Disagree 30%

Half (51%) of Conservative voters agree, compared with 42% of Labour voters and 39% of Lib Dem voters. Compare the 54-34% split in recent British Election Study (disapprove-approve of EU membership). Excluding don’t knows, this suggests a 61-39% vote to end Britain’s membership of the EU.

Methodology: ComRes interviewed 2,038 GB adults online on 16 and 17 May 2012. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all GB adults. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Full tables at ComRes.

Photograph: Getty Images/WPA Pool

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  • Kugelschreiber

    I personally am much more impressed by Miliband than by the treachorous Cameron, who seems to care nothiing for this country.

    For example, when watching Ed Miliband’s speech at the PROGRESS meeting recently, I noticed that Ed Miliband STRONGLY CRITICISED this govt’s decision to overturn the promised loan to SHEFFIELD FORGEMASTERS.

    The previous Labour govt had promised to give a GOVT LOAN to help Sheffield Forgemasters EXPAND, providing another 180 skilled JOBS (govt loans are the way ahead I believe, not for EVERYTHING just for SOME business LOANS & only if they have a foolproof business PLAN, to free us from the financiers, all interest payments go back to our country etc).

    But CAMERON’s govt asserted they could not AFFORD the 80 million pounds loan and that , they said, Sheffield forgemasters would be better to look to the FINANCIERS for help.

    And yet our govt seems willing to pay MILLIONS OF POUNDS to companies like INGEUS, a4E, who merely get unemployed people to do things like addressing envelopes.

    To find the report on SHEFFIELD FORGEMASTERS, you can Google:

    “bbc news, sheffield forgemasters’ £80m nuclear parts loan axed.”

    I was also pleased to hear MILIBAND critcising the Cameron govt for giving the contract for CROSSRAIL (building trains) to a GERMAN company, Siemens, instead of to the BRITISH based BOMBADIER , a company located in Britain and employing British people.

    It seems our govt feels its first duty lies to the GERMAN ECONOMY!

  • OldSocialist

    To be fair, the Greens (leaving apart the opportunist and presumably deviant creature you mention) had a far more inclusive manifesto than Labour in the last General Election, which is why I, a lifetime Labour voter, decided I could only vote Green. The Miliband lad is showing promise, though I do wonder if he will be overwhelmed by the poisoned legacy of corporate thralls (including his brother) left behind by Blair. The next Labour manifesto will be an interesting read.

  • Guest

    So, YOU are MORE impressed when MILLIBAND says something bad about the TORIES rather than saying something ABOUT what he would DO for the UK instead?

    ALSO you don’t seem to REALISE that most of THESE problems were created BY the last labour government.

  • Kugelschreiber


    There would be no point in the Labour opposition fine tuning any ideas at this stage, economic conditions may have changed by the time of the 2015 election.

    Also, if you remember, it is supposed to be the job of the OPPOSITION to OPPOSE.

    And thank goodness they do, and sometimes draw our attention to things that might otherwise have not been generally known about by the public

  • Guest

    Well, labour created this mess and the coalition is sorting it out. I think they should first of all apologise to the British people and then come up with something useful to get us out of this mess rather than just a blanket denial of the facts followed by immediate opposition to anything suggested with no credible alternate plan.

  • Kugelschreiber

    That photo you show reminds me a little of the sculpture of the 4 presidents’ heads on Mount Rushmore.

    Such a lovely sculpture, sometimes the human form seems somehow more beautiful & more striking when it is formed of stone rather than flesh & blood!

    Human sculptures of stone are so wonderfully strange, so perfectly STILL, SILENT & timeless, frozen due to some mysterious spell that has now been forgotten about.

    Yes, over time they may decay, just as real people do, but in a different way, the stone may become eroded for example or little pits appear in it.

    Or lichens may grow over it, adding to its ancient charm, in a similar way to that in which real human beings sometimes acquire a kind of world-worn wrinkly charm with advancing age.

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