Did Jesus Foresee the US Constitution?

John Rentoul

us 6937 238x300 Did Jesus Foresee the US Constitution?Andrew Sullivan in The Daily Beast asks number 811 in my series of Questions to Which the Answer is No, in the headline on an article about Mormonism. Possibly not a genuine QTWTAIN (I don’t think Sullivan believes the US Constitution was foretold in 1st-century Judaea), unless it is rephrased to ask, “Does Mitt Romney believe that Jesus foresaw the US Constitution?”

Thanks to Nick Davies.

Number 812 is asked by Care2, whatever that is:

Is UK Education Secretary Gove Destroying Foundations Of English Education?

Thanks to Graham. One or two of my colleagues in the pontificating trade were taken by Michael Gove’s evidence to the Leveson inquiry yesterday, especially his vigorous defence of freedom of the press including, “by definition”, the right to offend people, and talking about him as a future prime minister again. I admire Gove inordinately, and have entertained the possibility that he would be good in the top job, but fully accept that he is not a retail proposition.

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  • sheffieldutd

    Can you tell me where in the “Book of Mormon” it says Jesus foresaw the U.S Constitution? (At least they have one John unlike third world police state Britain). I have read the Book of Mormon (in Spanish & English) have you? Thought not.

  • Kugelschreiber

    I don’t like Michael Gove at all. Not only is he trying to break up our Local Education Authorities for purely ideological reasons, & regardless of any harm done , but also……….

    ………he hasn’t the FOGGIEST idea of what EDUCATION is about or how it is done, which makes him even more dangerous.  He thinks it’s something to do with quoting Latin or handing out Bibles.

      I’ve seen him on a video, giving a speech to TEENAGE SCHOOLKIDS, in which he was telling them about EDUCATIONAL POLICY!  Any decent experienced teacher would just KNOW that such a subject would BORE teenagers to TEARS!    But not our “expert” (lol) Michael Gove.

    Lesson?  Well, ideally, any Ministers for Education should have had some ACTUAL EXPERIENCE in teaching.   The trouble is, most teachers would probably rather TEACH than go into POLITICS.

    Solution?  Leave the TEACHERS (the experts) to decide how our children are to be educated.

  • Kugelschreiber

    I haven’t studied too much of the Bible, but I can’t recall Jesus predicting anything , except for his own death & resurrection & about Heaven etc.

    But then I’ve only studied the gospel of St Mark & little bits from St Luke etc & that was a very long time ago.

    I wonder if Jesus actually DID make any other prophecies?

  • Citizen Sane

    What on earth are you going on about?

  • julianzzz

    It seems to have had quite a peculiar effect upon you! Can we expect the same from President Mitt!

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