Does the Pentagon have the right weapons to fight off an alien invasion?

John Rentoul

120530 c1 300x185 Does the Pentagon have the right weapons to fight off an alien invasion?Outstanding number 817 in my series of Questions to Which the Answer is No. Asked by Foreign Policy. Thanks to Ian Leslie, author of the outstanding Marbury blog and the outstanding Born Liars book.

Number 816 was asked by Atul Hatwal at Labour Uncut:

Is Labour’s poll lead actually 3% not 10%?

Anthony Wells explains why this belongs in the series.

Number 815 was asked by Yahoo News:

Were the Poltergeist films cursed?

Thanks to Citizen Sane.

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  • robertinjapan

    What,you mean from the Royal Mounties? or from Mexico? sounds like a very controversial question. Did it ever perhaps occur that Aliens  might not want to invade the pentagon. They might perhaps prefer a different shape to invade, say like a triangle or rectangle. Maybe even a tubular shape who knows?

  • Karl_Marx

    If you knew what secret weapons they possess, you would have to be silenced.

  • Guest

    It rather depends on the type of alien, doesn’t it? An influx of vampires might be repelled by old-fashioned garlic hung around the Pentagon windows, holy water liberally sprinkled around the grounds, and crucifixes issued to key personnel.

    Did the Pentagon have the right strategy to combat human insurgents in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion? Did either Dubya or the Straight Kinda guy trouble to ask whether Dick Cheney’s Office of Special Plans (chortle, snigger) had any sort of strategy, other than a wing and a prayer, post-Mission Accomplished? Two more questions, the answer to which…

  • porkfright

    Well it seems possible they might have DEW [Directed Energy Weapons] as in your strange photo, and may even have used them. Go figure. My money’s on the Klingons.

  • sheffieldutd

    Thanks to Tory Bliar they have the legislation and lack of cojones to extradite MacKinnon.

  • Kugelschreiber

    They didn’t in War of the Worlds did they?  Nothing would work, NOTHING.

    Until our bacteria got them 

  • Kugelschreiber

    Maybe we could disarm aliens with our disarming, worldly charm?

  • will

    So is that the plan? Launch Rentool from a cannon?

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