Exclusive: Aruba Red feat Logic ‘Take me to the light’

Richard Sudan

Aruba Red EP Press Shot 300x295 Exclusive: Aruba Red feat Logic ‘Take me to the light’If you don’t know about Aruba Red then get to know – because you most likely soon will anyway.

The UK music scene, in terms of the quality of unsigned artists, across the spectrum, but especially within hip hop, is very strong at present.

A range of artists who have utilised the tools available to market and promote themselves are starting to get deserved attention-not easy with the mainstream still yielding as much power as it does.

One such artist emerging, who looks likely to be turning even more heads this year, is Aruba Red.

What’s interesting about this artist, who has some great tracks and notable collaborations under her belt, is the fact that her music crosses traditional boundaries, with ease. It’s refreshing to hear an artist with soulful vocals who works with a variation of different sounds and makes it work.

Ranging from ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ to her notable track with Jah Cure, which itself has gained nearly 80,000 views in just three months, Aruba Red’s work to date definitely brings something more contemporary to the scene.

She’s also toured with Ms Dynamite and Maverick Sabre and yet seems poised for bigger things.

Lyrically, she combines a distinct passion and intelligence- often dealing with emotive subject matter, with sharp poignant delivery.

It’s a fresh sound, and If you were asked to catagorise her music you’d probably struggle-that’s the beauty of it.

Her perspective on life has clearly informed her music, as have the range of different influences that inspire the North Londoner.

“Every culture all over the world has music, even in cultures where non-religious music is banned; birds still sing! You can’t stop music.  But music can also be used to spread positive messages and educate people, let people know what’s going on.  Especially within certain forms of folk music such as reggae, music is often used as a kind of social commentary which can inspire change.  Think of songs like John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ or Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’-very powerful songs with very powerful messages”

Asked how she would describe her own music and Aruba gives an answer that you’re unlikely to hear from many artists evoking “Rebel Soul with melancholy undertones…influenced by trip hop, minimalist electronica, glitch, soul, acoustic folk and dub step”

She might pave the way for more artists to follow suit, because in terms of breaking new ground, Aruba Red is proving to be a pioneer.

Her brand new video ‘Take Me To The Light’ featuring Logic released today exclusively for the Independent is a case in point.

Maybe it’s signifying something more because Logic is arguably at his peak, while Aruba epitomizes the genre crosser.  Both artists have a fan base that is outside the mainstream and yet such is the quality and depth of their music that they can resonate with people anywhere.

Here Aruba Red’s unique style combines with Logic’s formidable lyrical skill. It makes for a powerful and uplifting track, the kind that will have other artists scratching their heads while they skulk off back to the drawing board.

This track will get a lot of love on the underground, but it’ll be received well in wider circles too.

Her journey so far seems to mirror her own message “It’s inspiring to see a lot of people I’ve shared stages with doing so well.  It makes you want to work harder and it shows that your dreams are possible”.

Watch Aruba Red’s brand new video released today ‘Take Me To The Light’ featuring Logic, exclusively for the Independent

Her EP ‘Demos in Disguise’ is out now and you can catch Aruba live at Cargo on 4 July

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