#WorstFiftyShadesAudioBookNarrator, Mumford & Sons, Lord Hodgson’s and MC Escher: Why are they trending?

Steve Anderson

Escher 300x225 #WorstFiftyShadesAudioBookNarrator, Mumford & Sons, Lord Hodgsons and MC Escher: Why are they trending?A look at the trending topics on social networking sites and search engines today, to see what we’re interested in, and why.


With each day, the saga of the bored housewife’s saucy new best friend shows no sign of coming to an end. Today’s hashtag based on the whips and chains-laden novel by EL James asks Twitter users to volunteer those whose pipes may not be best suited for reading erotic fiction aloud. Some choice picks include Gollum/Smeagle from Lord of the Rings (@Coco_TheDrummer), Brian Blessed (@GavinLlewe78) and Boris Johnson (@asdfghjkirrsty).

Mumford & Sons

The stadium-filling folksters announced full details of their second album – the follow-up to the massively successful Sigh No More – on their website. Their sophomore record will be called Babel and released on September 24. The NME led the tweets with fan reactions also flooding the social networks. @oh_its_chris said: “It makes me so happy that Mumford & Sons are trending. A band with actual real talent trending for once.”

Lord Hodgson’s

Lord Hodgson’s review of the Charities Act 2006 was released today. Key recommendations include giving charities more control and freedom over how they are run, with new rights for larger organisations to pay trustees, as well as giving local councils powers to take action over aggressive ‘chuggers’ on the streets. The majority of tweets are links to the document itself, while others link to news stories or analysis of the findings.

MC Escher

Inspired by Dutch artist MC Escher’s famous Relativity drawing, Lego enthusiast Paul Vermeesch has created a ‘mindblowing’ 1 cubic foot recreation using Star Wars figurines and the iconic toy building bricks (pictured above). Tweets link to a Design Taxi story and picture of the model, with @overheardatmoo describing it as “the pinnacle of all things geek”, while @rzyrzy said her brain had “exploded from amazingness”.

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