Amelia Earhart, David Gauke, #BandXI, Tim Cahill

Ellen E Jones

ecsImgpg 32 earhart ap 1625 300x225 Amelia Earhart, David Gauke, #BandXI, Tim CahillA look at the trending topics on social networking sites and search engines today, to see what we’re interested in, and why.

Amelia Earhart

It’s the aviator’s 115th birthday today. Or rather it is if, improbably, she is still alive. The all-American hero vanished over the South Pacific almost 75 years ago, with her navigator Fred Noonan, during an attempt to fly round the world.  @ginafairuzh tweets an Earhart quote “Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.”

David Gauke

The Treasury minister has made a name for himself on Twitter by pronouncing cash in hand payment “morally wrong” in an interview with The Daily Telegraph. @johnprescott tweets “I reckon David Gauke’s outburst is a cunning plan to make Osborne look the most competent minister in the Treasury.”


Punning tweets on a theme of footballers who are also pop stars. Good’uns include @natesaud “Graeme Le Saux Solid Crew”; @sarahjane_lewis “Blink 18Eto’o”; @phild17-282 “Ben Foster The People”

Tim Cahill

The Everton star is moving to the Big Apple for a surprise transfer to New York Red Bulls. Liverpool fan @JoeyJohno tweets “Good luck to @Tim_Cahill in USA, made up I’m never gunna see him punch a corner flag again, always a threat on derby day!!!”

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