Tom Daley Twitter, Ye Shiwen, Guy Adams, #NBCFail, Maeve Binchy

Ellen E Jones

ecsImgYe Shiwen 80664149829 300x225 Tom Daley Twitter, Ye Shiwen, Guy Adams, #NBCFail, Maeve BinchyWhat’s trending and why?

Tom Daley Twitter

A 17-year-old has been arrested in Weymouth after malicious tweets were sent to Olympic diver Tom Daley. Daley received the abusive tweets shortly after his medal hopes were dashed in the synchronised diving event. British breast stroke competitor @chriscookGB tweets ”Gutted to see hate tweets at Tom Daley. Twitter can be a powerful tool, but can also make some tools more powerful than they deserve to be!”

Guy Adams / #NBCFail

#NBCfail has been a trending hashtag on and off in the US, since Friday’s disappointing coverage of the Olympics. Yesterday, The Independent’s Los Angeles correspondent had his Twitter account suspended following critical tweets of NBC’s coverage. Did NBC ask Twitter to take action? Or did Twitter first inform the US media corporation (with whom they have a business relationship)? Either way, it strikes @guyadams as censorship. It’s also bad timing, says editor @paulwaugh: ”If only his account were active, he’d get *loads* more followers…”

 Maeve Binchy

The much-loved Irish author has died, aged 72, after a short illness. @reallorraine tweets: “So sad to hear of death of Maeve Binchy – brilliant storyteller who wrote from her heart. thoughts with her family. She will be sadly missed.”

Ye Shiwen

A 16-year-old Chinese swimmer is the subject of today’s raging Twitter controversy. She smashed her record (and everyone else’s) in the 400 metre individual medley on Saturday, and now a US coach has accused her of doping. Oh ye of little faith, says triple jump world record holder, @JDE66: ”In a country as populous as China, untapped potential mind blowing. Ye Shiwen may simple be Beijing legacy #InspireAGeneration

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