Lance Armstrong, Norway, Richard III, Live While We’re Young

Ellen E Jones

ecsImg66 denialsarmstrong g 300x225 Lance Armstrong, Norway, Richard III, Live While Were YoungWhat’s trending and why?

Lance Armstrong / USADA

Seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong has been banned from competition by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), after he announced he is giving up his fight against doping charges. Mouthy  businessman @Lord_Sugar is not impressed: “Lance Armstrong says can’t be bothered to fight over drug allegations. Yeh right…you would fight like crazy to retain your integrity.” @Tim_Burgess, lead singer of 90s indie band The Charlatans is more sympathetic: “Uh oh, this Lance Armstrong story is sad & bizarre. I’m kind of glad my job didn’t involve drug tests and bans from 1999 to 2005 though”

Norway / #Breivik

Anders Breivik has been declared sane and sentenced to prison for bomb and gun attacks that killed 77 people last year. Independentcolumnist @OwenJones84 agrees with the verdict: “Anders Breivik is not insane: he’s a far right terrorist who detests socialists and Muslims. Norway’s justice is an inspiration to us all.”  Some have questioned if the 21-year sentence is severe enough, but Nordic specialist @lbevanger says there’s room for manoeuvre:  “21 years is Norway’s maximum sentence, but #Breivik can be kept locked up indefinitely if found a danger to society.”

Richard III

The last Plantagenet king may be buried under a Leicester car park, say local archaeologists. They will begin their dig to search for his remains today. @SamiraAhmedUK voices the bafflement of many: “Apparently Richard III was buried under a carpark in Leicester. Flippin’ 60s urban planners.”

Live While We’re Young

One Direction have a new single out, @Louis_Tomlinson says “Can’t wait for everyone to hear the new single Live While We’re Young!!” @ahoynois says “It’s kind of ironic how this is the name of the single when we just sit in front of our computers all day.”

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  • Chris

    Hmm, “the last Plantagenet” eh?

    Seems like careless writing here, surely you mean the last Plantagenet ‘King’
    of England.

    I believe that there is currently a living surviving member of the Plantagenet
    family, a farmer in either Australia or New Zealand who was tracked down a few
    years back by a UK newspaper.

    (He said he wasn’t interested in coming back to the old country to claim the
    throne that is his by birth right, so no need for our current reptilian
    overlords to get too nervous just yet).

  • Independent Moderator

    Very interesting Chris! Didn’t know that. Will amend the article.

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