Controversial #Paralympics tweets: Crossing the line or just a bit of fun?

Emily Jupp

As controversial stand-up comic Frankie Boyle is slammed for his tweets sent during the Paralympics opening ceremony, including such gems as “Apparently the Saudi Arabian Paralympic team is mainly thieves,” and “Wow, Austrian Paralympians seem a lot more able-bodied than most regular Scottish people,” we take a look at some of the other tweets about the event, that cut a little too close to the bone.

More from Frankie Boyle, about what turns him on:

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  • rnr

    but thats your entire argument!

  • rnr

    you need to turn turn the funny up higher and the tragically lame down a bit lower!

  • rnr

    typical response from someone who probably needed help typing that!

  • rnr

    I can answer that with absolute certainty! Its never possible to go too far with comedy, the people going too far are the reactionary morons who feign offence in the hope of stifling free speech!

  • Darbeet

    goodnes, ok- I am not implying censorship of any kind (if you bothered to read my post(s) that is abundantly clear), I would urge you to elevate/expand your comedy experiences if you think Frankie Boyle is “the funniest comic of a generation” (you have overlaid this view on me- I do not share it, but you are entitled to it, which leads me nicely to…)….Thanks for your best wishes that I am incarcerated in a concentration camp (of all things, would Hitler perhaps be your only reference point for a really bad person?) which as you say- is an inevitable outcome should the wild, Totalitarian, intolerant views which I have outlined here ever become governemnt policy.
    NB:I have deduced, in comic circles, that Mr Boyle recieves some stick for largely ripping off the material and style of Jerry Sadowitz- do you even know who that is? and if so, is he now your favourite (or would that be the previous generation)

  • Darbeet

    this just makes no sense at all

  • Darbeet

    Do you have even a foggy recognition as to how ridiculous it is to deny anothers right to free speech because yours ’supercedes it’?

  • Lilly Naylor

    Actual it doesn’t. Apart from a few rights that are absolute (the right to life being an example) all our rights are limited. Your right to freedom of expression is only that until it offends someone else. What the law looks at is wether the offence given is greater than the right to freedom of expression, and before you condesend to me I have studied the UN Charcter on Human Rights, enacted 1948, and most of its subsiquent amendments, for the last 7 years. It’s people like you that play into the hands of the Conservatives when they say they want to get rid of the Charter. Please, as you would say, ‘grow up’ and do your homework before spouting such obvious guff as this.

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