Regulators approve UK mobile payment joint venture between Everything Everywhere, Vodafone and O2

Alex Masters

mobile phone 300x225 Regulators approve UK mobile payment joint venture between Everything Everywhere, Vodafone and O2With the likes of Google, Apple developing their own mobile payment services, a group of UK network providers have joined forces in a bid to roll out their own cross-network, mobile marketing platform and gain a foothold in the UK market ahead of the competition.

Today the European Commission cleared plans for the joint venture between Everything, Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile), Vodafone UK and O2 (Telefonica UK). In a joint statement from the shareholders involved, they said that they were: “committed to making the joint venture services open to all, including all operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators, 3rd party publishers, banks, advertising agencies, retailers and any company that wants to engage in this space.”

This hopefully means that the likes of Virgin Mobile, Three UK and other network operators, not part of the joint venture, will still be able to support the initiative, if they so choose.

The service will provide more than just secure mobile payment solutions for online and instore transactions, via contactless payment systems (such as NFC: Near field communication). Loyalty card solutions will also be a part of the proposed platform, as well as the ability for businesses and brands to distribute deals and offers to customers, akin to services like Groupon, Wrapp and Living Social.

In a statement, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone UK, Telefonica UK said: “it will provide a single contact point for media agencies, retailers and brands, enabling them to create campaigns that will reach millions of opted-in mobile users. This will apply across the majority of handsets, operating systems and mobile operators.”

This mobile marketing platform is being touted as the first part of a larger business model. Any subsequent business strategies are yet to be be detailed and will likely only be unveiled if the initial platform roll out is deemed a success.

Now that the European Commission has given the proposal the all clear, the networks within the joint venture will begin hiring staff and creating the company that will run the platform. A proposed launch date is yet to be announced.

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  • lancelotgeorge


  • julianzzz

    Be careful, if you offend your phone company, they will remotely empty your electronic wallet in a foreign city, post your availability for prostitution on Facebook and direct punters to your current location.

  • KarlWa

    What to the carriers have to do with payments?

    They should lower their customer interaction to the level of a utility company to truly open up a competitive mobile market. While they remain the gatekeepers, we’ll always pay too much for not enough.

    That’s why I use Giffgaff – they don’t fill your phone with crap and “add-on services”. It’s just phone and data. The cost savings from not having to make all that junkware are passed on to their customers, and their rates are unbeatable.

  • Prometheus

    When the EU has managed to get the mobile companies to charge the same for a call from Dover to Calais as it does for a call from Dover to Glasgow they will show competency to control the monopolists. Until then they just come across as having been bribed with use of holiday villas and free phones.

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