RIM vice presidents rock out in cringeworthy BlackBerry 10 promo video

Alex Masters

Oh dear. Can RIM do anything right these days?

Earlier this week Research in Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry line of smartphones, unveiled this tongue-in-cheek video at their ‘BlackBerry Jam’ developer conference. Designed  to muster up enthusiasm for their upcoming BB10 operating system, the video is designed to be a fun way of expressing how passionate they are about the future of BlackBerry and their next generation operating system. The only problem is: it’s just not funny!

The song in question is a cover of  Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon, only RIM jokingly changed the words to reference developer features for BB10, such as their latest ‘API’ and ‘SDK’ improvements and so on. This could have been a stroke of genius if it wasn’t for the complete lack of emotion within the video. The band, I must point out, is comprised of top-level RIM vice presidents from their developer relations team:

Alec Saunders – VP Developer Relations & Ecosystem (Vocals, not a bad effort)
Chris Smith – VP Application Platform & Tools (Guitar)
Martyn Mallick – VP Global Alliances & Business (Keyboards)

Naturally, the video has spread across the web and is gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. Rather than a celebration of RIM’s latest push for smartphone platform innovation, it is being ridiculed for being, well, ridiculous.

I guess that’s one way of getting BlackBerry back in the headlines, and if anything, it takes the focus off RIM’s abysmal earnings report announced yesterday which detailed a $235 million dollar loss this last quarter.

Anyway enough talk, time to sit back, relax, and enjoy (endure) the video!

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  • CaliMark

    What’s wrong with it? It’s fine by me not cringe worthy. And Blackberry still makes better business phones with better e-mail and phone capabilities than I phone.

  • opinunated

    Thought it was fine. Does not deserved to be dished in the ascerbic tone by the writer who seems to have axe to grind and a superiority complex

  • ikokkinos

    I’m not sure they know what they’re doing when the company is going down the toilet.

  • Justin Seay

    Cringe-worthy… that word… I do not think it means what the writer thinks it means.

  • kupfernigk

    RIM is the Blackberry maker. Under the previous management they were perceived as arrogant, out of touch and not interested in third party developers. This act was put on for those third party developers, not a wider audience. It was getting across the message of the new CEO, Thorsten Heins, that RIM is now a non-arrogant company that pays attention to the people around it. The people it was intended for got the message.

  • Stand With Arizona

    “Cringeworhy”? Seriously? This is EPIC! Brilliant video…exactly what Blackberry needed at a time when Apple has become a Kubrickian monolith that exudes arrogance but lays poison eggs like Apple Maps. If this is indicative of a new attitude, then I will happily say: welcome back from the dead, RIM!

  • KE55

    Er, perhaps the first line of this article ought to read: “Oh dear. Can Alex Masters do anything right these days?”

  • Guest

    The video was fine, The article was not. The author is a twit.

  • Linus

    Methinks RIM may be orchestrating comments here. Or perhaps everyone has finally just lost contact with reality and taste. This video is so obnoxious and cringeworthy it’s hard to watch through to the end. It’s drunk Dads at a wedding. It’s a marketing department digging out all the ideas they’d thrown away when they weren’t so pant-wettingly desperate. It’s the re-forming of the university band that should have let the good times stay in 1993. It’s just awful.

  • sc55

    The “abysmal earnings report” was way better than expected and sent the shares up by nearly a fifth, don’t imagine RIM wanted to distract attention from it…

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