Rovio return with Angry Birds Star Wars!

Alex Masters

angry birds star wars final 300x225 Rovio return with Angry Birds Star Wars!After the successful launch of Bad Piggies last month, Rovio are back with yet another Angry Birds episode, this time centred around the Star Wars Universe. Angry Birds Star Wars will be heading to iOS, Android, Mac and PC platforms on November 8th, alongside a huge array of merchandise, including plush toys, tabletop games and even fancy dress costumes.

All of your favourite Rebel Alliance characters are represented by each of the various angry birds, leaving the pigs to take on the role of the evil Galactic Empire, headed up by black bird Darth Sidious. Based on the hilarious cover art displayed (right), it looks like Angry Birds Star Wars is destined to be a huge hit with fans of the science fiction classic.

As for the gameplay, Rovio will by applying some of the gravity physics seen in Angry Birds Space to their new Star Wars spin-off. The levels will be themed around famous scenes from the films, including Luke’s home planet Tatooine and the ice planet Hoth. Even the game’s music will reflect that of the Star Wars films.

The game mechanics may feature both the planetoid layout seen in Angry Birds Space, as well as the classic Angry Birds platform style, but this is yet to be detailed. We do know however, that the infamous bird-flinging catapult will be replaced with a lightsabre style equivalent.

Rovio look to be concentrating all their efforts on the birds and pigs going forward, rather than their Amazing Alex title, which failed to resonate with audiences in quite the same way as the Angry Birds franchise has. The Finnish games company want this to be the biggest game release of the year and are pulling out all the stops to help make it a success.

The launch of Angry Birds Star Wars will take place in Times Square, New York on November 8th at 10:00am local time, with a pre-launch merchandise event also taking place two hours prior fore to the main event (at 8:00am) over at Toys R Us!

There’s currently no in-game footage available right now, Rovio will instead be teasing little bits and bobs in the lead up to the launch in a months time. Until then you’ll have to make do with this fun teaser trailer!

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  • Malick Thegreat

    Erm, that’s not news. It’s an advert. Please don’t waste my time in future, dear Independent!

  • Andy S

    Did the Independent make you read it?

  • stonedwolf

    Someone asked rhetorically if there is nothing Lucas wouldn’t put a the Star Wars brand on.

    The answer is yes: Battlefront 3, Knights of the Old Republic 3, X-Wing 4, Rogue Squadron 4, Dark Forces 3, Jedi Knight 5, and a Star Wars MMORPG that doesn’t suck bantha balls.

    Instead we get Angry Birds skins, Vader in Soul Calibur, and the unbelievably crappy Force Unleashed.

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