Is “whom” history?

John Rentoul

sky fluffy clouds2 300x240 Is whom history?Keep those entries coming for the Questions To Which The Answer Is No competition. My generous publisher, Elliott & Thompson, will give 10 signed copies of my QTWTAIN book to the finders of the best new QTWTAIN in newspapers or on the internet.

The only rule is that the author or publisher of the question has to imply that the answer is yes. Submit your entry on Twitter, using the hashtag #WINQTWTAIN, with a link, or in the comments.

To remind you of the idea, number 853 in my series, the headline of this post, was asked by “Johnson” on The Economist.

Which reminds me of the dialogue that Ted Buttrey sent me three years ago from a long defunct cartoon strip called Pogo (1964-75): “Whom is going to do this dirty job, whom?” ”Youm, that’s whom.” ”Moum??”

Number 854, meanwhile, was asked by the Daily Mail:

Was Mossad behind the Alps murders?

Number 855 was asked by Labour List:

Could a Financial Transaction Tax be the answer to the local government squeeze?

And number 856 by the Telegraph:

Is the afterlife full of fluffy clouds and angels?

If you cannot wait to win a copy of the book, you can buy it now or download the e-book version. A snip at £4.99.

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  • Junius

    I would have thought Telegraph readers would be less concerned about whether the afterlife was full of fluffy clouds and angels, more over whether there would be more efficient immigration controls. Also whether wind turbines had been introduced.

  • Pacificweather

    What is history. Whom is historical.

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