Peace and quiet the most important thing for househunters

Alex Johnson

2b1ea3e700ad71da1fdc0a8094ef10abfcdd14da 300x200 Peace and quiet the most important thing for househuntersGood parking, a nice car on the driveway and a well-manicured lawn are also big attractions for potential homeowners, while a garden shed and big double glazed windows are also likely to help in improving opinions on a property, according to a new survey from Planitherm glass.

Biggest turn-offs include garden gnomes, overgrown hanging baskets and bins left out. Seeing a pebbledash exterior or security bars on the windows of a house are also likely to have someone turning back up the garden path.

“First impressions are always crucial and the results show that there are many pitfalls that can lead a person to feel they don’t like a house before they even step in the door,” said Craig Dodsworth, market manager for Planitherm.

Just over 60% said the view from the curb creates the strongest impression when first viewing a home – those currently house hunting had already dismissed at least four properties purely because they didn’t like the look of them from the outside, while a fifth of the 2,000 people surveyed rated the standard of nearby houses as crucial.


1. A quiet street
2. Good parking
3. Big windows with double glazing
4. Neighbours house looks well maintained
5. Neighbours seem friendly
6. Well-maintained lawn
7. Conservatory
8. Patio
9. Flowers and hanging baskets in the garden
10. Fruit trees in the garden
11. A garden shed
12. Large trees in the garden
13. Garden furniture
14. A nice car on the driveway
15. Barbecue
16. Solar panels
17. Recycling bins
18. Vegetable patch
19. A big chimney
20. Water butt in the garden


1. Security bars on the windows
2. Sheets hanging in windows instead of curtains
3. Long or untidy lawn
4. Caravan in the garden
5. Overgrown bushes
6. Caravan in the neighbour’s garden
7. Beware of the dog sign
8. Bins left out
9. Fading or broken exterior lights
10. Stickers in window
11. CCTV camera
12. Trampoline in the neighbour’s garden
13. Pebble dash
14. Overgrown hanging baskets
15. Emergency service sirens audible nearby
16. Garden gnomes
17. Old car
18.Posters in window
19. Trampoline in the garden
20. Net curtains

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