Pangaea: ‘My new EP stems from breaking away from patterns and negative thought patterns’

Emma Gritt

PANGAEA8 HIGH 300x225 Pangaea: My new EP stems from breaking away from patterns and negative thought patternsLike the fabled continent from which he takes his name, Pangaea puts forth an amalgamation of sounds to create something solid and other wordly.

Along with holding the accolade of being one of Leeds’ first ever dubstep promoters, the DJ/producer, real name Kevin McAuley, heads up Hessle Audio alongside Ben UFO and Pearson Sound – a job which earns him adoration and kudos from musos to young ravers new to the electronic music scene.

As well as prepping for the unveiling of his new extended EP Release, Pangaea is gearing up for the first in a string of events for The Hydra. This Friday, he will be playing alongside Blawan and Lucy for a special event curated by online music store, which marks the first of four new 12” compilations.

You’ve said before that you don’t really use fancy programmes to create music. Did you use any new or experimental methods while you were recording your forthcoming EP?

The programs I use are more than capable and are used by a lot of other producers! But yes, I’ve been intermittently using another studio alongside my setup at home recently. I recorded some parts there, and other tracks have been EQ’d on an analogue desk and run through some outboard gear too. So the sound is a bit different from if it had been done entirely at home.

You’ve said that the EP is based around a theme – what is it?

Well there’s a broad theme of breaking away from patterns, ‘ways things should be done’, negative thought loops and things like that. Being able to overcome these things and break free from them was the main stimuli, I guess.

You’re playing at the Bleep party, how has the site helped spread the work of artists from Hessle Audio?

It’s great to have another dedicated online shop that specialises in this side of music. It seems that more and more online shops are providing a platform for other content, such as interviews and mixes which helps to spread people’s work, alongside paying for the music! And their forthcoming Green Series looks great as well, I’m definitely in favour of visual artists and music producers working together more

Who designed the artwork for Release and what was their brief?

I did the artwork myself. I wanted something based around fractals but it became more and more warped until I finally had the front cover decided upon

Who else are you looking forward to seeing on the night?

Literally everyone on the lineup, it’s great from start to finish. I’m also looking forward to seeing and hearing the venue in Hackney as well, London needs more spaces for this type of thing

What’s your favourite video on YouTube?

If you were a human version of the Pangaea Theory, what elements would have fused together to form you?

Techno, Dubstep, Hardcore, Jungle, Garage, House and…erm, one more because there were seven continents involved… Speedcore?

What was the first record you bought and do you still have it?

The album Get Ready by 2 Unlimited, it’s long gone!

I saw on Twitter you enjoyed FACT’s cringey amateur DJ shots. If you weren’t afraid of ridicule and were told you could do whatever you wanted, what sort of images would you create to represent you?

Well all my press shots until now have been quite reserved, so I’d want to go the other way really. Something very bright and weird.

The Hydra: Blpgrn001, Ican Studios, 35 Monier Road, London E3 2PR,  26 October, 10pm-6am

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