Mischief at Hallowe’en costs houseowners £1.4 billion

Alex Johnson

egg 300x285 Mischief at Halloween costs houseowners £1.4 billionMore than five million British households have suffered property damage as a result of Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night – the period often known as ‘Mischief week’ – according to new research from Santander Home Insurance.

The result is a £1.4 billion bill, equal to around £273 for each affected property.

The most common cause of damage, which has affected 2.5 million British homes, is eggs being thrown. Around 1.5 million households have also had their garden plants and fences damaged or removed. Property damage due to fireworks and sparklers, hosting a house party and items posted through letter boxes has also contributed to the nation’s repair bill.

And even worse, two per cent of Britons say they have been attacked by people using fireworks as weapons.

Those living in Yorkshire and the Humber have suffered the most damage to their homes, with 15 per cent of residents in the region having fallen victim to vandalism in the past.

Richard Al-Dabbagh, Santander Insurance, said: “Hallowe’en and Bonfire night should be about light-hearted family fun, but unfortunately this can often bring with it accidents and anti-social behavior. Much of the damage that occurs during mischief week is the result of seemingly harmless pranks like egg throwing, but the research also highlights an alarmingly high incidence of petty crime and threatening behaviour.

“These are annual traditions that the public should be able to enjoy without feeling their home or personal wellbeing is under threat, but this doesn’t change the fact that the risk of crime and accidents is elevated during ‘mischief week’. We would advise all homeowners to make sure that the main entrances to their homes are secure, and to make the property look occupied, even if it isn’t. For peace of mind and to minimise the inconvenience if any damage is caused, we also urge people to keep their property and possessions protected with comprehensive home insurance.”

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  • Whiffle

    so why were you effectively promoting “Trick-or-Treating” in your article of last Friday, Mr Johnson? you know, the one entitled “Where are the best places to go trick or treating?”

  • Paddy Daley

    £1.4 billion? That’s a lot of eggs.

  • Dominic Hagan

    the story could also read 1.5 million homes exaggerate halloween damages. as a child I remember having halloween parties but not this americanised trick or treating. parents with the little kids is quite fun but the teenagers who make no effort spoil it and are just greedy for sweets.

    I shall be sticking a picture of gary glitter/jimmy saville on the door to deter them. and a ‘welcome here’ sign on next door.

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