It costs £5,000 to turn a house into a home

Alex Johnson

ffdfe68e1dea963411c9eb49539b943f86e62805 300x199 It costs £5,000 to turn a house into a homeThe average person spends over £5,000 making their house feel like a home, according to a study by Planitherm glass. It also pinpointed the exact amount of time after moving day for a house to feel like a real home – 17 months and 12 days.

During that time, the average new homeowner in Britain has spent £5,044 personalising their space, first the living room, followed by the main bedroom and kitchen.

However, 40% of homeowners can’t properly call their house a home until they have stopped receiving the previous owner’s mail, while one in five say a house isn’t officially a home until they’re on first name terms with the neighbours.

Major factors which make a house feel lived in also include experiencing a first Christmas, hosting a barbecue, two family visits and six framed photos. Laying new carpets, doing up the bathroom and ripping out the kitchen were named as key areas to focus on in the house, while fitting new windows was also high up on the to-do list.

“It seems as well as improving the environments we live in we have to experience certain moments or aspects of life under a roof in order to call it a home,” said Craig Dodsworth, market manager for Planitherm glass. “We’re very territorial and it’s no surprise to see that we like to feel a place is really ours by quickly getting rid of the previous owner’s influence on the property.”

Nearly half of the 2,000 people surveyed insisted that for a house to really feel a home, all signs and traces of the previous owners need to be removed. It takes decorating at least four rooms for the average person to feel the place where they live is really theirs, while 40% insist they have to tackle every room in the house to be content.

The average property owner had lived in their current property for over seven years, but one in four still didn’t consider it a ‘home’. Indeed, 28% are still yet to fully unpack and it takes the average homeowner six months and 15 days to unpack completely when moving to a new property.

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  • Adventures and Japes

    Interesting how a glass firm found that people like to replace their windows when they move house.


    Wow, double-glazing company says installing double-glazing makes house feel like a home.

    I now feel as though these trousers are mine – as I pi ssed myself laughing.

  • Chris Frankland

    Thanks Alex, for making these incredibly interesting facts available to us. Keep up the good work. More like this please. How about what percentage of householders use 3 ply versus two ply? I think we should be told….

  • VicTheBrit

    Personally, I don’t think you can say you’ve moved in until someone has spilled red wine on you carpet, smoked a bowl of weed in your living room or thrown up in your toilet…

  • hodgeey

    A house isn’t a home until it has somebody looking after it all day.

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