Northern Ireland offers fertile film-making ground for Ridley Scott

James Legge
ridley scott getty 300x225 Northern Ireland offers fertile film making ground for Ridley Scott


Ridley Scott will find Northern Ireland a fertile film-making environment for the low-budget series he is planning to make there. The series was announced yesterday and industry leaders hope the big-name arrival will boost the fledgling scene.

The province’s film and television industry, home to HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, has recently provided locations for horror film Grabbers and Keith Lemon: The Film. And recent release Good Vibrations, a biopic of Belfast punk hero Terri Dooley, drew favourable tweets from Hollywood director Ron Howard and film critic Mark Kermode after gracing the London Film Festival.

Mr Scott will executive produce a six-film series of horror and sci-fi films, called Ridley Scott Presents. The English director, whose films include the seminal Blade Runner and Alien, hopes to “create a structure that enables filmmakers to push boundaries and to excite audiences”.

Andrew Reid, head of production at Screen Northern Ireland, which invests in Northern Irish film and TV production said: “It’s great for us in terms of showcasing Northern Ireland as a place to come and make films. Ridley Scott has chosen Northern Ireland as the place where that he and his team feel is the place to make the films. “There’s a very solid credibility factor that goes with that.”

And Reid hopes the films, which will be shot mainly in Northern Ireland using local actors, film crew, and facilities can embolden Northern Ireland’s gradual emergence as a film-making country.

“We would hope that over the six films we could feed in some creative talent into that. As well as the crews and the facilities we would hope that we can get maybe a writer – and aspire to getting a director – on board,” he said.

“We want them to come here and spend money, employ people and progress people, develop their skills.

“The guys who worked on Good Vibrations will have worked on very large international projects as well, and they will have learned from the producers and directors and the writers about the scale of production that they need to be working at.

“And they bring that then to the indigenous productions, and we get higher production value out of it.”

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  • Thorbjorn Liell

    Just for the records: Author writes “And recent release Good Vibrations, a biopic of Belfast punk hero Terri Dooley, …” His name is Terri Hooley ….

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