Review of Misfits – Series 4, Episode 2

Neela Debnath

misfits 2 300x225 Review of Misfits – Series 4, Episode 2

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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen episode 2, series 4 of ‘Misfits’

This week picked up from the same scene it ended on last time where Finn went home to his girlfriend who he is holding hostage in their flat.

The audience was given Finn’s backstory and discovered that his girlfriend Sadie (Imogen Doel) was using her power to control him and turn him into the perfect boyfriend. There was initial sympathy towards Finn but when he continuously showed how immature he was, the sympathy began to recede and he just came across as pathetic and annoying without being particularly funny.

The interesting thing was that it didn’t seem like Sadie needed to even use her power on Finn because he appeared to be doing it of his own freewill anyway in a desperate bid to keep her happy. Perhaps that was the point? There are many men and women in the world who change themselves in order to keep their partner even if it is to their own detriment and Finn just seemed to another one of them.

The more amusing thread in this episode involved Rudy, Curtis, the blind girl Alley (Eleanor Wyld) and her racist, telepathic guide dog. Whether it was Rudy quoting Stevie Wonder, playing a variation of stone, paper, scissors, or his improvised condom made from cling film and some elastic bands, he was brilliant. Joe Gilgun is excellent at playing the two Rudys, he is the strongest member of the cast and is carrying the show at the moment.

Meanwhile a couple of new characters were introduced to Misfits. There was Lola (Lucy Gaskell), the alluring and mysterious trainee probation worker who is clearly not what she says she is. There was also Curtis’ newest member of staff Alex (Matt Stokoe), who is unnerved by Jess when she jokingly says she is on a community service for sexually assaulting a barman. However, Alex generally seems to be on edge and is hiding something which could either be a power or something darker.

On a small note, the new probation worker Greg (Shaun Dooley) who was introduced last week work is terrifying and may even have a scary power of his own. However, he comes across as far too aggressive and hostile without any reason it would seem. His frightening temperament will probably be explained later on but at the moment it feels too jarring and he is just a pure ball of fury.

This week was another average episode which tried to pull at the audience’s heartstrings through Finn and Sadie’s relationship but it just fell flat. The best thing about that storyline was the Speak and Spell toy that Sadie was using to communicate with Finn, it was a touch of genius in an otherwise dull plot. Rudy’s subplot was far more entertaining.

One thing that fans of the show may have noticed is that in this episode and the last one, each of the characters says something serious before confessing that it is a joke. The only time this has really worked well was when Finn told a graphic story about being abused by an uncle as a child before declaring the whole thing was made up. The constant use of this technique of setting up a serious scenario and then admitting it is just a farce already feels hackneyed and repetitive not to mention unimaginative. It’s quite disappointing as the dialogue does not feel as crisp and witty as it did before. Yet just like series 3, perhaps the better episodes are still to come.

Next time on Misfits… It all gets a bit Fifty Shades of Grey between Lola and Curtis but more interestingly there’s three Rudys.

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  • ruledByScum

    Series has gone progressively downhill to the point of non-watching.

  • Doug

    There’s been 2 episodes. How can something go progressively downhill in 2 episodes? Give it a chance…

  • trice

    i love that misfits is back and i don’t miss the old cast i think seth & Jess

    have the best chemistry i sticking with the show.

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