Must watch: Chris Rock’s message to voters

James Legge

Decision day has finally arrived for Americans, and Chris Rock has a controversial take on Barack Obama, the country’s first ever black president: He’s not black at all.

The results of the close-fought election will be known early tomorrow morning, with Republican Mitt Romney hoping to unseat his Democratic rival as Commander-in-Chief.

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  • SteveMuc

    Proof, if any was needed, that American so-called humour isn’t funny. That’s the second time today that I’ve naïvely clicked on a headline marked “Must watch.” Note to self: if it’s marked “must watch”, then it probably isn’t one. And this is no exception.

  • caledon

    American so-called humour is a lot better than most of the stuff over here. I watched this twice and enjoyed it almost as much the second time.

  • Happeh

    That was bait and switch.

    It said “Chris Rock” video and instead I got one of the Israelis running America’s late night talk shows.

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