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moony 300x225 Touching Bass: MoonyBrighton producer and DJ, Moony, sits comfortable as one of the latest students to learn from grime’s seminal school of hard knocks. Utilising the full toolbox of coarse sounds championed by the genre, there are also plenty of strong hints to garage’s zenith in his signature style which allow his tracks to rub shoulders with the likes of Wookie and co in a set with ease. We caught up to talk about Artful Dodger, Gobstopper Records and grime’s current potential identity crisis.

Also, be sure to check out the Touching Bass mix series, which continues alongside all features via Mixcloud.

Stepping back into the nostalgic heyday of garage, do you remember your first interaction with the genre?

Maybe not the first time, but Artful Dodger used to have a radio show on Southern FM; this is when I was back at school and I was about 10 or 11 and had just started DJing. For me, that was one of the only ways to hear garage at that time, so that was the first time I used to go out of my way to listen to the music.

I’ve read before that Wookie is a massive inspiration, what first attracted you to his sound?

The sounds that he uses are hard sounds, but they’re all still very melodic. Obviously, I like all sorts of garage but I prefer stuff that has that hard sound on the drums and bass where it’s almost like jungle. It’s all still very musical.

How did you first meet up with Mr. Mitch?

That’s mainly through grime and although the scene may seem quite massive, it’s actually quite small. The music that he makes isn’t a million miles away from what I make so we were bound to get in touch at some point. We’re also both producers and DJs so through the Internet and swapping tunes, we used to interact. Now we’ve both progressed, especially with the Gobstopper Records side of things, he wanted to get me involved. He did an EP called The Fright Night EP and he asked me to do a remix for it, which was probably the first time that we worked together.

Are there any other Brighton producers that deserve a mention?

There are a few, yeah. My friend Seb, who also runs Pear Shaped Apparel, isn’t really a producer but he makes tunes if you know what I mean. He concentrates more on the art and design side of things but he has made a couple of bangers and I’ve collaborated with him a few times like on my Summer Rain EP. As friends, we’re around each other quite a bit and had just made some stuff so we thought to put it out there. There’s a group called DRDR – they’re two producers and a singer – and I just did a remix of one of their tunes. It’s not out and out garage, but I guess you can call it future garagey. Then there’s a guy named Marchmellow who has a few bangers too.

What software are you using at the moment?

I’m currently on FL Studio 10 at the moment and I do use Logic sometimes but I always go back to FL because I started off using that back in the day. I got a Mac and Logic, but just went back to Fruity Loops because I just find it a lot easier. It’s basically like a drum machine, which for me is pretty good because the tunes I make are mainly chopping up samples and vocals, which you can do in Logic, but for ease of use FL is better.

What choices have you gone for on the Touching Bass mix?

I’ve managed to go from house to garage to grime in the half hour so there’s a lot of my projects and remixes that I’ve done but it’s a bit like my radio show in that there’s a lot happening. I make a lot of different types of tunes so I wanted to showcase what that rather than only showing one element.

How does it compare, playing out at clubs and playing your tunes on radio?

Obviously, I prefer playing in clubs. That’s a mad feeling when you play tunes to a crowd and they go mad asking for reloads and stuff like that. But then, I do enjoy doing radio too because I see it mainly as practice; however busy I am, its always two hours in the week that I can use to keep sharp and up to date with things that are happening. Grime is having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment where you have certain tunes that sound like garage, but people call grime and vice versa. Then you’ve got the tunes that sound like Rick Ross rap tracks and people also call that grime. I try not to worry too much and just play the tunes.

Touching Bass: Moony by The Independent: Touching Bass on Mixcloud

Moony’s ‘Seven EP’ is out via Gobstopper Records from November 9. You can listen to Typesun’s mix from the last feature on the Touching Bass Mixcloud page.

Download the ‘Touching Bass: Moony’ mix here.

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