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Alex Johnson

Image1352765315250703 300x230 Rents by tube lineThe Rentonomy blog has been doing some interesting work on comparing property prices at tube stations along the Victoria, Jubilee and Northern Lines in London. Here’s a snippet:

We took a sample of 2-bed properties and grouped them together according to which was their nearest station and ignored any which weren’t nearest a Jubilee or Northern Line station. It’s no surprise that rents are low at either end of the line and high in the middle. On the Jubilee Line, rents are highest at Westminster at £1,160 followed by Green Park (£849 per week). The highest values on the Northern Line are at Tottenham Court Road (£704), which include the trendy, en vogue properties of Soho.

It’s well worth having a look at the whole posts.

Properties for rent in Westminster

Properties for rent in Soho

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  • Andrew

    This shows well the need for taxing land values. It is the community along the tube line, and everywhere else, which creates the values, and it is to the community they should return, not the pockets of landlords and private enterprise who cream off the public treasure while twiddling their thumbs.

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