Spotify confirm they are beta testing a browser-based web app

Alex Masters

spotify mac 300x225 Spotify confirm they are beta testing a browser based web appSpotify has started beta-testing a brand new browser-based version of its popular music streaming client currently available on both Windows and Mac computers.

Spotify have told to me that the beta testing is currently in effect, providing the following statement: “We can confirm we’ve launched a beta version of a Spotify web player that we’re testing with a small number of users. Potentially it’s a great additional feature for times you can’t play music through the desktop app, like at work or at a friend’s house. We’ll have more details on the web player next year”.

Details about Spotify’s new web client are pretty limited so far, but the web player is expected to  feature audio and banner advertisements embedded into the software. The app will be in beta initially and if all goes well, a final release will roll out for all Spotify users. The browser-based web app will enable access to Spotify on additional operating systems that could not previously access the service, such as Linux distributions, Chrome OS and Joli OS to name a few.

It will be interesting to see how well a Spotify web app might stand up against browser extensions designed to bypass audio and banner ads for the likes of Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It’s not yet clear whether free accounts will be supported in the web app, Spotify may well limit web access to Premium account holders only in order to avoid such problems, like it does with its mobile and TV apps.

Without a £4.99 Spotify Unlimited or £9.99 Spotify Premium account, it would be impossible to log in at all, removing the possibility of browser exploits for free accounts altogether. Such restrictions would therefore rule out access to Spotify’s free service within mobile-browsers too. A web-based Spotify player will enable even greater access to the music streaming service when it finally rolls out to all users in the coming months.

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