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John Rentoul

comres Poll alertWe have a ComRes opinion poll in The Independent on Sunday tomorrow, shared with the Sunday Mirror.

As well as the Labour lead (8 points last month) and the UKIP score (9 per cent last month), we asked if voters agreed or disagreed with these statements:

The UK’s payments to the European Union budget should be cut rather than frozen.
If some EU powers cannot be restored to the UK, we should leave the EU
The UK should leave the EU regardless

Still on Europe, ahead of next week’s summit, we repeated a question from May about for which other parties, apart from the one for which they currently intend to vote, people would “seriously consider” voting.

And we also asked if people agreed or disagreed with the following:

The Government should prioritise a cut to fuel duty over other tax cuts
Banks and pay-day loan companies should be required by law to tell borrowers the maximum they will have to pay on loans
Big companies operating in Britain should not be permitted to use offshore bases to avoid paying tax in this country
George Entwistle, who resigned as Director General of the BBC, should not have received his £1.32 million severance package
MPs should not go on reality TV shows whilst they are still an MP

The poll was taken during this week’s elections, from Wednesday to Friday. I shall post the results here this evening, and the full tables will be at the ComRes website.

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  • Toocleverbyhalf

    You forgot to ask if they’d like a new pony

  • creggancowboy

    Quit the EU immediately it is merely another rich men’s club. Sorry to hear of death of Blair’s Dad, I had nothing against him, he was in WW2 I believe?

  • Chris Mastry

    What the heck has blairs father in WW2 got to do with anything, So were countless others.

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