Did blowing into Nintendo cartridges really help?

John Rentoul

nes corrosion test start 300x246 Did blowing into Nintendo cartridges really help?This is not a proper Question To Which The Answer Is No (QTWTAIN) because Chris Higgins, who asked it a couple of months ago, knows perfectly well that the answer is no. But I like it and I am grateful to Alex Walters for the lovely bit of nostalgia.

A genuine QTWTAIN, number 876 in my increasingly ridiculous series, is asked by former Ofsted inspector John Bald:

Are Guardian readers coming round to Michael Gove?

Number 877 is asked by Jim Sleeper at HuffPo:

Blame the Latest Israel-Arab War on …..Singapore?

Spotted by Matt Hoffman, to whom thanks.

Number 878 is asked by John Kampfner:

Is Labour now the most vocal voice of the right?

Thanks to Ian McKenzie.

And finally, an award of sorts for this one, asked by the BBC, complete with scatter graph of countries by chocolate consumption and Nobel prizes:

Does chocolate make you clever?

It is not a genuine QTWTAIN either, as the article admits: “This is a classic case where correlation, however strong, does not mean causation.” But I am grateful to Graham Kenyon, who was first of many to spot it.

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